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  • 24 Best Shopify Apps to Boost Traffic and Sales (Most are FREE)

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    With over 800,000 stores, Shopify has been shaping the eCommerce landscape for more than a decade now. What’s incredibly exciting is you have infinite access to 2700+ Shopify apps to get your online store ready to grow and scale. But, getting the best Shopify apps to suit your online store can be remarkably tedious. Therefore, if you want to skip the ‘trial and error’ part, we can help you with our experience.

    We have meticulously reviewed and selected the 24 best Shopify apps for eCommerce stores so you can extend your Shopify site with increased functionalities and avoid getting trapped into below average apps.

    Let’s begin our rundown!


    Sales and Promotion

    Store Optimization


    Product Sourcing

    Customer Service


    Best Shopify apps for sales and promotion

    1. Boost Convert

    Best for: Boosting conversion rates and build trust
    Price: Free

    The truth is, not all of your customers are in a hurry to buy. In fact, chances are they’re just researching or looking for the best deals. Thus, don’t wait for them to leave your site. You can intensify your store’s sense of urgency to get them to convert as soon as possible.

    One of the best Shopify apps to heighten your visitors’ sense of urgency is Boost Convert. It enables you to create urgency triggers by displaying that the inventory level for a particular product is already low or the time to avail a special offer is limited.

    In addition, you can leverage the power of social proof with Boost Convert. It’s one of the best Shopify apps that help you popup a recent sale notification to encourage a browsing visitor to convert. The recent sale popup will serve as proof that other customers are interested in the product. Indeed, this is incredibly helpful to build more trust and motivate customers to buy. Especially, first-timers are not familiar with your products yet.


    Best Shopify apps - Boost Convert


    Highlighting Features

    • Use the Stock Countdown feature to show how many items are left in stock for a particular product.
    • Add a countdown timer to tell shoppers that your deals will expire soon.
    • Automatically sync your store’s purchase data to turn recent orders into sales notifications, checkout notification, and signup notifications.
    • One-click installation, no coding required
    • Takes less than 2 minutes to set up
    • Both front-end and back-end of the app are optimized for better UI/UX.

    2. SiteKit

    Best for: Growing qualified leads and customers
    Price: Free. Premium features start at $19/month

    If you have new visitors, you must have a strategy that could help you capture their information. You can collect them as email subscribers from the moment they land on your website. Surely, you won’t want to pass up the opportunity of converting them as leads. This will help you foster and nurture relationships in the future. Above all, email is still the best marketing channel with its ROI at 4400%, exceeding social, tv and paid search. Thus, SiteKit is considered to be one of the best Shopify apps to collect new leads.

    In short, the two most common types of email opt-in capturing tools are pop-up forms and header bars. Luckily, the good news is SiteKit has both of these two. This app’s ‘Smart Bar’ feature allows you to display email opt-in form and at the same time include important messages like sales promos on top of your website. This won’t disrupt your customers from reading your page contents. Besides, you can design eye-catching header bars that stay on top of your website to capture your visitors’ email address.


    Best Shopify apps - SiteKit - Smart bar

    In addition, SiteKit also allows Shopify merchants to collect email subscribers more easily with gamified popups. Notably, these popups are proven to be 3X times more effective than normal email popups when it comes to motivating customers to leave their emails.


    Best Shopify apps - Win Wheel - SiteKit


    Highlighting Features

    • Create beautifully designed email opt-ins in the form of header bars or popups.
    • Select from its wide range of popup templates such as customizable texts, backgrounds, hero images, colors, and many more.
    • It has an exit intent feature to help you capture abandoning visitors into leads.
    • Create a gamified popup called “Win Wheel” to engage visitors into a fun spin-to-win game for a coupon code reward.

    3. Boost Sales

    Best for: Increasing average order value
    Price: Starts at $30/month

    The main goal of combining upselling and cross-selling techniques is to increase the average order value. In particular, it can be done by offering additional items that are either higher in value or complementary to what your customers are currently considering to buy.

    Above all, Boost Sales still prevails as one of the best Shopify apps in the market. It empowers store owners to create smart upsell and cross-sell offers. You can enable artificial intelligence by Beeketing to automatically select the most relevant products to suggest based on your customer’s profile and behavior.


    Best Shopify apps - Boost Sales - One of the best Shopify apps 2019


    Highlighting Features

    • Display a popup upsell offers whenever visitors add an item to their cart.
    • Bundle up products to cross-sell items that go well together.
    • Optimized UI/UX on both desktop and mobile devices.
    • A large collection of pre-designed holiday themes to make your store more festive.
    • No need to manually pick out your upsell and cross-sell offers thanks to its machine learning technology.

    4. Reconvert

    Best for: Driving post-purchase upsells
    Price: Free. Premium features start at $4.99/month.

    Your shoppers placed an order, now what? If you think that your upselling strategies should stop after a customer placed an order, then you’re not maximizing every moment possible. In fact, you can still set up a post-purchase upselling technique to extend your share of customers’ wallets.

    Reconvert is one of the best Shopify apps that focus on optimizing your order confirmation page. What it does is you can recommend relevant upselling offers on the thank you page. Moreover, not only that you’re driving more sales, but you’re also continuing the relationship even after a purchase has been made.


    Best Shopify apps - Reconvert


    Highlighting Features

    • Customize your order confirmation page with a drag and drop interface.
    • Discounted upsell pop-ups with urgency timer.
    • Collect customer birthdays or conduct surveys.

    5. Checkout Boost

    Best for: Preventing and reducing cart abandonment
    Price: Starts at $27/month

    Cart abandonment is one of the major challenges for online stores. A high cart abandonment rate is frustrating because it means that even though you have people adding items to their cart, you’re still not converting them into tangible sales.

    However, you can fight cart abandonment by leveraging the exit-intent technology from Checkout Boost. First of all, you should set up an exciting exit-intent offer like a discount or freebie. Afterward, Checkout Boost helps you automatically display it to grab leaving customers’ attention. This surely will drive them to continue their purchase.


    Best Shopify apps - Checkout Boost


    Highlighting Features

    • Automatic exit-intent triggers to turn abandoned carts into sales.
    • Gain social referral traffic by encouraging customers to share their carts on Facebook or Twitter.
    • Increase the sense of urgency with a countdown offer to urge customers to get the offer right away.
    • Highly customizable themes to create eye-catching and branded popups.

    Best Shopify apps for store optimization

    6. Happy Email

    Best for: Boost customer engagement and sales
    Price: Free

    Email marketing is the backbone of customer retention. Certainly, it helps to re-engage your customers and generate sales even when they left your website.

    Happy Email enables Shopify store owners to automatically send a welcome email to their customers 30 minutes after they make their first order or sign up for the email lists.  In specific, these email, well written on behalf of the store founders, help to make a good impression on customers and motivate users to come back and buy more from your store.


    Best Shopify apps - Happy Email - Top Shopify apps in 2019


    Highlighting Features

    • Automatically send welcome emails after being installed
    • Provide highly-customizable and well-written email templates
    • Boost customer engagement and retention rates

    7. SEO Image Optimizer

    Best for: Optimizing Google Image Search
    Price: Free

    Image optimization is a crucial SEO technique. It drives images rank higher on the search engine results page (SERP). Furthermore, this increases the potential of attracting more traffic to your site. However, image SEO can be overwhelming, especially for non-technical eCommerce owners.

    SEO Image Optimizer eases your mind by automatically pinpointing the SEO improvements for your Shopify store. For example, you can automatically set ALT texts by using its default ALT template or create your own. ALT text can describe the appearance or content of your image file. This helps search engines to understand your images. Thus, increasing the chance of search engines to return your images in search queries.

    Best Shopify apps - Seo Optimizer Top Shopify apps


    Highlighting Features

    • One click installation setup
    • Set up in less than 30 seconds
    • Run SEO improvements automatically

    8. Referral Candy

    Best for: Driving more referrals
    Price: Starts at $49/month

    In general, a solid referral program can help you intensify the power of word of mouth around your brand. Word of mouth works really well in introducing your products to a new audience which may not be familiar with your brand before. This is because of the innate trait of human beings to trust recommendations from people they know, especially their friends and family.

    Indeed, Referral Candy is one of the best Shopify apps in affiliate marketing. With the help of the app, you can drive your customers to start sharing your products to their loved ones or colleagues. Especially, this Shopify app makes your referral program a lot easier to set up and much more convenient to manage and track. Moreover, you get the full control of your referral rewards and incentives like cash rewards, coupon offers, or a special gift. You can even amp up your program by rewarding both the person referring and the person being referred to.

    Best Shopify apps - Referral Candy - Best Shopify plugins


    Highlighting Features

    • Automate rewards payout so customers will receive their referral rewards automatically.
    • All-in-one dashboard to track the referral results and revenue.
    • Full branding control so you can customize the look and feel of your referral program.

    9. Mobile Converter

    Best for: Boosting conversion on mobile devices
    Price: Free

    Recently, the rapid proliferation of mobile users pushed eCommerce stores to adapt to a mobile-friendly site. Today, more than 50% of all internet traffic is originating from mobile devices. Thus, a successful online store must be highly responsive and primed for mobile viewing.

    Designed to bank on the full potential of mobile commerce, Mobile Converter is among the best Shopify apps to help you optimize your customers’ overall mobile shipping experience. In short, its sticky add-to-cart bar allows you to display a fixed call-to-action bar on top or bottom of the mobile screen. Hence, your customers can click on that while scrolling up or down on the product pages. As a result, this gives you more opportunity to convert your mobile visitors into paying customers without them having to go to a desktop.

    Best Shopify apps - Mobile Converter


    Highlighting Features

    • Create a sticky call-to-action bar on top or bottom of the mobile screen.
    • Showcase your product images in a full-screen view.
    • Requires minimal space and resources.

    10. Yotpo

    Best for: Increasing positive reviews
    Price: Free for 50 monthly orders.

    Truly, positive reviews such as honest testimonials and product reviews help provide reassurance to your doubting visitors. Those prove that your products are genuine and of good quality. In fact, a study revealed that 74% of customers trust an online store with positive reviews.

    Yotpo helps eCommerce stores to collect, manage, and showcase reviews. Particularly, these include testimonials, photos, and Q&As to help build trust and confidence among your potential customers. Also, this helps buyers with their purchase decisions, thus, increasing your conversion.


    Best Shopify apps - Yotpo


    Highlighting Features

    • Set up with a single click
    • Conveniently import your existing reviews
    • Collect reviews across social platforms
    • Choose what reviews to publish and where to publish them
    • Comment on reviews publicly or privately.

    11. Growave

    Best for: Leveraging wishlists
    Price: Free. Premium starts at $50.

    Overall, a wishlist button is an incredible feature that your Shopify store must have. E-commerce leaders like Amazon and eBay offer wishlist buttons because they recognize that many visitors aren’t ready to buy yet. Shoppers must be able to save a product so that they can come back to it later. Hence, finalize their transaction when they’re ready to buy at their most convenient time.

    Growave allows you to enable wishlist buttons on your store. Your customers can simply browse products and add them to their wishlists. Surely, it helps you automate sending wishlist emails to your visitors so you can send reminders when their wishlists items are on sale, going to sell out soon, back in stock, etc.

    Best Shopify apps - Growave


    Highlighting Features

    • Share wishlists via email, Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites.
    • Automate sending personalized emails to your customers based on what they have added to their wishlists.

    12. Messenger Channel

    Best for: Sell products from Messenger
    Price: Free

    Made by Shopify team, this app enables Shopify merchants to sell products right on Facebook Messenger. In detail, it adds all of your products to a menu on the Messenger. Customers can browse these products while chatting with you via Facebook Messenger. Also, the app sends automated messages to customers when there are any updates on their orders.

    Besides, this would also be a convenient way for Shopify sellers to provide customer support. Both store owners and customers can connect instantly with each other via Messenger.

    Best Shopify apps - Messenger Channel


    Highlighting Features

    • Allow customers to browse your products on Messenger
    • Send automated order updates to customers’ Messenger inboxes.

    Best Shopify apps for advertisement

    13. Sixads

    Best for: Displaying ads in partner stores
    Price: Free. Premium starts at $5.99 for 1000 extra impressions.

    In a shopping mall, similar or complementary stores are arranged close to each other because they share the same type of foot traffic. Therefore, Sixads imitates this kind of strategy by allowing online stores to display product ads on their partner stores for free. As an exchange, their partner stores can also display their product ads on their sites.

    Overall, this is a great way to pull quality traffic to your site because your partner stores have the same type of audience that you want to target. Plus, it’s much more cost-effective than ad networks because you get the traffic for free. You just also have to display your partner products as a trade.


    Best Shopify apps - Sixads


    Highlighting Features

    • Display your product ads with online stores that match your brand.
    • Easily monitor your ad performance and results to check your progress.

    14. Retargetapp

    Best for: Automating Facebook & Instagram retargeting ads
    Price: Starts at $19/month.

    The truth is, 98% of online visitors will not make a purchase on their first visit. However, Retargeting can help you recapture your visitors who have previously visited your Shopify store but made no action. Retargetapp is one of the best Shopify apps that helps you craft your Facebook and Instagram retargeting ads automatically.

    Certainly, you have the full control to design your retargeting ads based on your customers’ actions. Furthermore, you can either retarget visitors who browsed your site but bounced away without any actions. Besides, it also works with those who abandoned their carts without completion.


    Best Shopify apps - Retargetapp


    Highlighting Features

    • Its in-app technology helps you get 3-6x Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS)
    • Expand your reach by displaying prospecting ads to potential purchasers who haven’t visited your site yet.

    15. Clever Google Ads

    Best for: Managing all-in-one Google Ads marketing
    Price: Starts at $49/month.

    Google Ads is one of the most important advertising platforms for online sellers and marketers. However, it could be overwhelming in terms of time, financial aspect, and human resources. But, Clever Google Ads will give you the peace of mind because it is designed as an automated solution for all your Google Ads needs.

    After a few minutes of a single installation, you can already get your Google Shopping, Search, Display & Remarketing campaigns up and running. Once you have built and launched your campaigns have been created and launched, Clever Google Ads will begin optimizing them as well as looking for ways to maximize your marketing budget. It also adjusts your bids using its own algorithms to help you get the best results.


    Best Shopify apps - Clever Ad


    Highlighting Features

    • Automated generation of relevant keywords based on your products and categories.
    • Leverage its Remarketing Google Ads to retarget people who previously visited your store.

    16. Kit

    Best for: Running better Facebook ads
    Price: Free

    Facebook’s rich audience activities pushed it as top-most social media platform with best ROI according to social media advertisers. Thus, advertising on Facebook should be part of your social media marketing strategy.

    If you want to optimize your Facebook ads, Kit is one of the best Shopify apps that will help you craft highly targeted advertising campaigns to reach the right audience for your store. You can use build lookalike audiences to search for new audiences similar to the profile and demographics of your current customers. You can also use dynamic ads to retarget your previous site visitors.


    Best Shopify apps - Kit


    Highlighting Features

    • Create discount codes to acquire and retain customers
    • Generate quick reports to provide insights on campaign performance

    17. Flexify

    Best for: Syncing your product catalog to Facebook Product Catalog
    Price: Free. Premium starts at $29/month

    If you have a large product catalog, it could be a burden to manually upload it to Facebook Product Catalog before you can run a Facebook ad of your products. With the help of Flexify, you can skip the manual process because it helps you automatically sync your Shopify Store with your Facebook Product Catalog.

    Once synced, you can easily keep your listing up to date by simply using its direct and automatic feed manager. This way, you can conveniently take advantage of Facebook dynamic ads that will help you automatically show the right products to the right Facebook users who have expressed interest on your website.


    Best Shopify apps - Flexify


    Highlighting Features

    • Sync all of your products or only a collection.
    • Automatic image resizing so there will be no more cropped images in your Facebook ads.

    Best Shopify apps for product sourcing

    18. Spocket: EU & US Dropshipping

    Best for: Finding US & EU dropshipping products
    Price: Free. Premium plan starts at $49/month.

    If you want to focus more on US and European based products to dropship, Spocket: EU & US Dropshipping is a better alternative to Oberlo. Enlisted as one of the best Shopify Apps in product sourcing, 60% of its suppliers are based in the US or Europe. Plus, you can enjoy a 30-60% discount off the retail price when you use Spocket.

    Best Shopify apps - Spocket


    Highlighting Features

    • Order product samples right from the dashboard to easily test out the products and verify the suppliers.
    • All orders are automatically synced with your store and your app.

    19. Oberlo

    Best for: Locating worldwide dropshipping suppliers
    Price: Free for 50 orders/month. Basic plan starts at $29.90/month.

    The dropshipping business model has attracted many eCommerce aspirants because of its relatively low startup costs. Plus, being a dropshipping business, you won’t have to worry about storing, packing, and shipping your products — let your dropshipping partners do that. Instead, you can now focus on marketing your store and growing your online business.

    Oberlo is a marketplace for Shopify stores that will help you find dropshipping products to sell online, no matter where you are in the world. It connects you to ist worldwide dropship wholesalers or distributors which are organized by industry or market so you can find the perfect niche for your store.


    Best Shopify apps - Oberlo


    Highlighting Features

    • Leverage in-depth product statistics to make the best product choices to dropship.
    • Monitor your orders at all times with integrated order tracking.
    • Track your store’s revenue in a convenient sales and costs dashboard.

    20. Printful

    Best for: Print-on-demand dropshipping & warehousing service
    Price: Free

    Printful is one of the best Shopify apps if you want to sell quality print-on-demand and embroidery goods to dropship online. Its product catalog includes t-shirts, swimwear, posters, and a lot more. It handles everything from inventory management, production, up to shipping. This helps you focus on building and growing your dropshipping business.


    Best Shopify apps - Printful - Right Shopify apps for you


    Highlighting Features

    • Order product samples with 20% off + free shipping
    • Lost shipments are covered

    21. Pillow Profits Fulfillment

    Best for: Footwear and home-goods fulfillment services
    Price: Starts at $29.99/month.

    Pillow Profits Fulfillment is also a good print on demand app. It’s tailored to fit for those eCommerce merchants who are looking to sell footwears and home-goods, such as bedding and pillows, online.

    Best Shopify apps - Pillow Profit Fulfillment


    Highlighting Features

    • Automatically process, print and ship the item(s) to your customers
    • A free replacement at no charge if you have a customer that’s unhappy with the fit of their shoes

    Best Shopify apps for customer service

    22. Quick Facebook Chat

    Best for: Providing quick customer service
    Price: Free

    Real-time customer interaction like a live chat is almost always expected as a mode of customer service. Not only that a live chat helps to address customer issues, but it’s also a way to foster relationships and encourage conversion.

    Quick Facebook Chat is among the best Shopify apps fully designed for a live chat. This helps customers reach out to you much easier because they can use their own Facebook Messenger accounts. Aside from that, 33% of people use Messenger to message a company because they want to place an order.


    Best Shopify apps - Quick Facebook Chat


    Highlighting Features

    • Takes two minutes to complete the whole setup.
    • Responsive to all devices.
    • Grow your Facebook Messenger subscriber list.

    23. Aftership

    Best for: Branded tracking page & delivery update
    Price: Free with $0.5 per extra shipment

    If you want to optimize your customers’ post-purchase experience, then start with their access to a fully branded order tracking page. In this case, Aftership is one of the best Shopify apps that lets you create your own tracking page that will suit your online store’s brand.

    Particularly, you can also upload your Shopify store’s logo and personalize the color scheme to match your brand identity. You can include your own marketing banner and even feed Instagram images to delight your customers.

    Best Shopify apps - Aftership - One of the best Shopify apps 2019


    Highlighting Features

    • Track and check delivery status.
    • Replace the carrier’s tracking link with our auto-generated link to drive traffic to your site instead of the carrier’s site.

    24. HelpCenter

    Best for: Crafting an attractive FAQs page
    Price: Free

    In general, the purpose of a FAQs page is to reduce the number of customer inquiries. Instead of contacting via email, chat, and phone, users can find their answer right there. You want your customers to have a readily available answer for the most commonly asked questions.

    HelpCenter lets you create a FAQ page that suits your branding needs and requirements. Besides, it also helps you refresh your FAQ page in a stylish and modern way. The page will have a very user-friendly navigation and design.

    Best Shopify apps - HelpCenter - One of the top Shopify apps this 2019


    Highlighting Features

    • Easy-to-navigate and searchable FAQs page.
    • Enable customers to submit questions they can’t find the answers to.

    The best of the bests

    There are plenty of awesome Shopify apps that you can use to extend the power and functionality of your Shopify store. Ranging from free and premium apps, our in-depth and honest reviews will help you get the right and best Shopify apps to better address the demands of your eCommerce business.

    Remember, identify your pain points and overall goals. Then, check which of the above best Shopify apps will help you reach your objectives, generate you with more traffic, and ultimately boost your sales.