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  • Real Reviews: 5 Best-picked Dropshipping Apps For Your eCommerce Store

    When you ask other dropshippers which products they’re selling or what are their stores, they’ll neglect it one way or another. Most dropshippers never reveal their store(s) with anyone, except their buyers (haha).

    The same scenario applies to a question about what dropshipping app(s) they’re using to facilitate their operating workload.

    Undeniably, no matter who you are, a beginner or an experienced seller, you badly need a tool that handles a large part of your legwork, then doubles your work performance.

    In this case, we’re talking about dropshipping apps that automate all the processes of product sourcing, order fulfillment and management for you.

    It means you just need to direct your time and energy on what matters most, such as winning product research or marketing efforts.

    But what is exactly the app that you really need?

    Real review about dropshipping apps used by over 90% of dropshippers

    Apparently, you don’t have to hopelessly contact other sellers or to be choked with hundreds of shallow blogs and articles out there to find a perfect dropshipping app for your store.

    We’ve got your back.

    We’ve conducted a comprehensive interview with a large scale of dropshippers, who own from small to big stores for finding out which dropshipping app they’re using and why they choose it.

    And the result has surprised us a lot when only 5 apps are used by roughly 90% of dropshippers out there. Plus, the reviews for those apps given by our interviewers are very detailed.

    So no more faffing around, let us start walking you through our summary of those reviews and see which apps suit your store the most.

    5 best-picked dropshipping apps for your eCommerce store

    Here they come, 5 dropshipping apps that have rocked a major part of the dropshipping community all over the world:

    But wait! Before reading further, you’d be better off grabbing the overall idea of how similar and different these 5 apps are.

    Let’s have a look at the table comparing features between 5 apps below:

    dropshipping apps comparison

    You can spot that these 5 apps share some of the most basic and necessary automation features:

    • Chrome extension: Import AliExpress products in only a click without leaving the AliExpress’s site.
    • Multiple orders auto-fulfillment: Have multiple orders auto-fulfilled in a click
    • Auto order tracking: Track your order & shipping status in real-time. Hence you won’t miss anything from all of your orders and know what to notify your awaiting customers, make them happy and want to buy from you again.
    • Price & Inventory auto-updates: Sync product prices and inventory data on a daily basis to help you be up-to-date with adjustments from their suppliers.
    • Global pricing & Shipping rules: Set rules for Pricing & Shipping methods once to all your current and future products.
    • Mapping variants: If you find a different supplier providing cheaper prices or more suitable shipping packages for your current product, you can switch over to this better supplier without changing the product info on your store.

    Those functions, as we’ve said, are the most basic but useful ones that every dropshipper needs when using a dropshipping app to automate their workload.

    Now, we think you’re ready to scope out further reviews on each app. Let’s go!

    1. Dropship Connector

    What is Dropship Connector and how does it work?

    In a word, Dropship Connector is an app that connects you to million suppliers from AlIExpress and its own dropshipping agent – ShopBase China and automates everything in between.

    As a connector, you can use Dropship Connector to source hot products from both AliExpress and ShopBase China, and let them handle the order fulfillment process.

    As an automated app, Dropship Connector brings you a pool of powerful features that help automate your workload when running your dropshipping store.

    fulfill bulk orders

    Dropship Connector’s Pros

    ShopBase China – Premium product source and dropshipping services

    1. Huge product source with better prices:

    Apart from AliExpress, you can sell products from ShopBase China when using Dropship Connector. The products are reportedly high-quality and have cheaper prices than those from AliExpress since ShopBase China have a product team who works directly with the manufacturers, tests and only cherry-picks what are best.

    Not only the prices are lower than the average prices, but sometimes you even get the sweetest deal by negotiating the price with them.

    dropshipping product source in China

    2. Fast delivery time:

    The shipping time they offer is shortened to only 8-10 days, instead of 15-45 days like AliExpress. However, according to some dropshippers, it may take up to 20 business days when in the peak seasons.

    3. Offer free shipping to the US:

    This is one of the most intriguing benefits since the major parts of dropshipping’s customer base are those coming from the US.

    Besides, the shipping fee to other region is quite low compared to standard delivery services like EMS, DHL, etc.

    4. Premium packagings:

    All products shipped to customers are packed in nice and sturdy boxes, let alone a pretty Thank-you card included inside each package. That’s how you can elevate your brand value with your buyers.

    nice dropshipping packaging with a thank you note

    5. Customized packaging service:

    Customize your packagings and labels with your logo printed. This is an added value that you can leverage to build a consistent sense of your brand.

    Unique Automation Features

    1. Tracking number auto-updates to PayPal:

    Automatically updates all your tracking numbers onto PayPal accounts for you. You hardly find this premium feature on other dropshipping apps out there. Personally, our interviewers find this feature is much valuable since they can build trust and reduce the dispute rate without lifting a finger.

    2. Order tracking via CSV file:

    This feature is a perfect alternative for medium to big sellers who have their own source of suppliers but still want their tracking numbers auto-updated to the store’s platform for them, namely Shopify, WooCommerce, Shopbase, etc.

    Dropship Connector allows you to import all your order’s tracking numbers to the app via a CSV file. How timesaving!

    3. Auto-sync all products and orders from other apps:

    This app supports their users effectively when they switching from other dropshipping apps to migrate to Dropship Connector. All the data of product and order on your store will be synced immediately to Dropship Connector after they install the app.

    You definitely don’t want to lose everything from your store and start adding products from the beginning or transfer orders one by one, do you?

    Dropship Connector Pricing

    This app is totally FREE for you to make the most all of its features.

    We know that running a business, even a so-called low-cost dropshipping business costs a big amount of money. So what can help you save money, you’ll be thankful later.

    Customer services

    Dropship Connector has built very responsive and supportive customer support. Even though it may take a few days for their team to resolve the errors if they emerge, this is still a diligent support team.

    Dropship Connector’s Cons

    Small technical issues

    It’s a new app so sometimes a few small tech-related issues persist. The upside is the technical team of this app will quickly solve them all.

    App experience

    Simplicity is good, but seems like this app’s interface is too simple. There was just a neat dashboard with very few texts on the screen, no instruction or guide popping up to help its users know how to use the app easily.


    So far Dropship Connector is only available on Shopify and ShopBase (the international platform to build and scale dropshipping & POD stores). It will be much better if they also provide their service to those have stores based in WordPress, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, etc platform.

    2. Oberlo

    What is Oberlo and how does Oberlo work?

    It’s unsurprising that Oberlo, a big name in the dropshipping app market, take a slot on this list of top 5 dropshipping apps.

    For those who may not know, Oberlo is the very first dropshipping app launched, and so far, it’s sort of the most popular app that allows you to dropship with AliExpress.

    Oberlo also connects you to its network of suppliers that are claimed to be verified.

    Oberlo’s Pros

    Unique Features

    1. Multiple staff account

    This feature benefits medium or big dropshipping businesses the most when they need more than 2 people to manage their store. Normally other dropshipping apps merely allow one user to have one account at a time, but Oberlo has broken that limit.

    2. Product sourcing

    Although the trustworthiness of those verified suppliers has remained controversial, it doesn’t change the fact that you will have more product sources to select out apart from AliExpress suppliers.

    Oberlo Pricing

    Oberlo offers multiple pricing plans for its diverse group of users:

    • Free plan: For $0 you have 500 imported products, unlimited orders per month, get access to a few automation features. Unfortunately, bulk order auto-fulfillment, real-time order tracking, and variant mapping are excluded from this plan.
    • Basic plan: For $29.90 per month you have everything from the previous plan, 10,000 imported products, plus bulk order auto-fulfillment, real-time order tracking, and variant mapping.
    • Pro plan: For $79.90 per month you have everything from the previous plan, 30,000 imported products, and have access to monitor multiple accounts.

    The first thing to notice is that Oberlo offers quite reasonable prices. For beginners who have no or few sales at first, $0 plan is the most choice as their budget is on a shoestring.

    The Basic plan so far is the most popular one for medium business owners due to its quite affordable cost ($29 per month) and the sufficient set of automation features provided.

    And the last one, $89 per month seems pricey, but it’s like a few pence for big sellers with thousands dollars revenue per day if they want to have many accounts to monitor their store.

    App Experience

    On a scale of 10, Oberlo deserves 11 points for the experience it brings you when using this app.

    First of all, Oberlo really cares about the user’s experience when including an intuitive instruction right in the app dashboard.

    There are not just the How-to-use-app guide, Oberlo’s team has also brought us a pool of massive knowledge and practical tips about dropshipping via their Youtube channel.

    One more thing that increases our pleasure when using Oberlo is its beautiful and smart app interface. You can imagine the app interface is just like your working space. It can set a big impact on your mood and inspiration when working.

    Oberlo’s Cons

    Oberlo’s suppliers

    As mentioned before, It’s a controversial subject when talking about Oberlo’s suppliers.

    Oberlo claimed that their suppliers are all verified and bring a good source of cheap and quality products. Still, there are quite a lot of complaints about the products that are just the copycat versions of AliExpress items (or maybe they exactly are AliExpress products).

    So even if this app is very popular, the product sources from its verified suppliers is still a big minus of this app.

    Pricing plans

    So far, a major number of dropshippers choose the Starter plan because it’s free. But despite the cost factor, this plan gives a very limited use with just a few useful features. Some very basic features such as bulk orders fulfillment, order tracking, etc are excluded from this plan.

    The Basic plan gives you all of its automation features with the charge of $29 per month. But even if so, Oberlo still provides fewer useful features compared to other dropshipping apps.

    Limited platform

    Oberlo only integrates with Shopify. So if you have another store from WordPress or other platforms, your hands are tied. Sorry 🙁

    3. AliDropship

    What is AliDropship and how does it work?

    Dropshippers who choose AliExpress products to sell now have another option along with Oberlo and Dropship Connector. It’s AliDropship.

    The only difference here is that AliDropship is tailor-made for those who create their dropshipping store(s) by WordPress platform.

    In short, AliDropship allows you to import AliExpress products to your WordPress store and make profits with them. AliDrosphip also automates a great deal of your workload while you’re running your own store.

    AliDropship’s Pros

    Unique Features

    1. Pre-built store themes

    With AliDropship, you can edit your product pages using its collection of pre-built themes – a thing that you can’t do with a dropshipping app elsewhere.

    2. Built-In Image Editor

    Another jaw-dropping feature of AliDropship is that you’ll have the ability to edit product mages as you’re using Photoshop but without leaving the app. Isn’t it impressive?

    This is absolutely helpful in some specific cases, as adding your logo to the images or just resizing the images to fit your store design.

    3. Product review importer

    As its name indicates, you can import whatever customer reviews of products you like to your online product pages using AliDropship.

    Interestingly, this kind of feature is not included in most dropshipping apps. You have to install another app to only import product reviews for you.:)

    4. Marketing tools

    It seems that the ambition of AliDropship will never stop growing since it doesn’t only provide dropshipping automation features, but also plenty of marketing solutions.

    From free to paid apps, from tools to create social proof, urgency and boost sales to manage social media campaigns, etc, this app includes it all in one plugin.

    AliDropship Pricing

    Another thing that makes AliDropship so unique is its pricing plan. AliDropship is one of the few dropshipping apps that move away from the subscription pricing model.

    AliDropship only charges its users a total of $89 one time for forever use.

    Personally, we find this pricing structure is more reasonable than the popular monthly or yearly subscription fee for 2 reasons:

    • It’s way more cost-effective than ever. Come and think about it, with the subscription model, the average amount of money you are charged for a dropshipping app is around $20. So when 4 months go by, the cost will be almost $80, let alone you have to pay more until you stop running your business.
    • Looking further than the financial advantage, you can see that with one purchase, you can leverage everything in the app for life. The subscription model makes you choose between their various plans. The more you pay for, the more features you’ll have. This is some kind of a trade-off.

    Active dropshipping community

    AliDropship has grown a very strong and bustling community about dropshipping to support its users with good care.

    You will find your answer quickly by scoping out all the related topics inside its forum or just starting a threat and putting your question on.

    It’s especially useful for newbies who are struggling and don’t know where to learn about dropshipping.

    AliDropship’s Cons

    Manual order fulfillment

    Besides all those unique perks above, the biggest problem of AliDropship is its manual order fulfillment process (ouch!). It’s a huge drawback since most of the dropshipping apps out there allow their users to automate this process.


    One downside when using WordPress is that the system is built for content management rather than for the eCommerce sack. So it can be a little clunky to have a dropshipping store created by WordPress, even if you use the AliDropship pre-built theme to improve it.

    Pricing plans

    The pricing plan may turn into a big disadvantage when $89 seems to be pricey for most beginners.

    Customer support

    One more thing that can be both the upside and downside of this app is its forum supporting model. Since AliDropship only assists the users in its forum, no live chat or personal contact supported, the time it takes to process your feedback may be much longer than usual.

    4. Spocket

    What is Spocket and how does it work?

    If your customers live in almost in the US or Europe (we believe most of them do), you may want to shorten your shipping time by seeking some local wholesalers there.

    That’s when Spocket comes in to help you with its network of reliable US & European suppliers.


    So generally speaking, Spocket is a dropshipping app that lets you source products from the wholesalers based in the US, Europe, and Canada.

    Spocket’s team claimed that they provide the highest quality products with comparable prices and fast delivery. It seems to be a very potent and expected app for those who seek another option apart from the popular China-based products.

    But is it all roses on the road? Let scope out!

    Spocket’s Pros

    Unique Features

    1. Product sourcing

    60% of Spocket suppliers come from United State and Europe. One obvious thing popping here is that it will eliminate the long shipping time – a common thing when dropshipping with China-based suppliers.

    More importantly, their product quality, as spocket claimed, would be much better and more premium than those made in China. To some degree, a major number of their products live up to its promise, some don’t.

    2. Discount-price samples order

    Dropshipping is known as one of the most simple business models for many reasons. But the biggest reason is that you don’t have to even think about the production, stocking, and order fulfillment process.

    Sadly, it’s also the biggest downside of this model.

    In this case, we only talk about the products you want to make a fortune with. You don’t have any control over the product quality, but still, have the responsibility for it with all your customers.

    That’s why it’s so important to test out every product before you decide to sell it. And thanks to Spocket, now you can order any samples of the products you find potential with just discounted prices. Great!

    Spocket Pricing

    Like Oberlo, Spocket offers you 3 pricing plans:

    • Basic plan: For $0, you have very limited use. You only import up to 25 products to your store and don’t get access to premium products. That said, this plan still provides you the automation and update features.
    • Pro plan: For $29 per month (with 7-day trial), you have all the features from the previous plan and can import up to 250 products, including premium ones. You also have branded invoicing as well.
    • Empire plan: For $69 per month (with 7-day trial), you have all the features from the previous plan and can import unlimited product, including premium ones.

    As you can see, Spocket allows you to leverage it free forever with its basic plan. You can take this chance to test out and see if it’s worth to spend more money on the upper plan. Or if you’re a beginner with a tight budget, this plan suits you perfectly.

    App Experience

    This app reminds us of Oberlo when it also has a very beautiful and intuitive app interface.

    Spocket’s Cons

    • Spocket also promises that their network of suppliers will provide more high-quality products compared to products from China suppliers. However, it’s a trade-off when the product cost will multiply, then reduce the margin which has already been small.
    • Despite the fact that it offers high-quality products, it still falls into the pitfall of lack of diversity and uniqueness. Spocket’s supplier group is not too big and diverse, hence the products they provide are quite mediocre and not various.
    • Having said that Spocket users can stay in a free plan forever, here still comes a catch. If you want better products to sell, you have to subscribe to a premium plan which ranges from $29 to $69. Sorry 🙁
    • And unluckily, you have to trade off short shipping time against the sky-high product and shipping cost. (add up $2-$8 to each order price)
    • Although Spocket is a dropshipping app, its features are still limited. For example, Spocket’s users can’t place multiple orders once at a time. They have to process one by one order and it’s really time-consuming as well as tedious as crazy!

    5. Modalyst

    What is Modalyst and how does it work?

    If you are seeking trendy products to sell from suppliers that have warehouses in the USA or Europe, you should take time to consider Modalyst.

    Modalyst offers a selected marketplace of products that are hard to find elsewhere. And yes, it’s also a dropshipping app that brings automation solution to your store.

    Modalyst connects its supplier network and sellers to create an easy product sourcing process. Modalyst claimed to curate a various selection of hot-selling products with fast delivery to the US, Europe, and other big markets around the world.

    Modalyst’s pros

    Brand name product source

    Modalyst is one of the first services that provide brand name products for users to dropship with. In case you don’t know, brand-name marketplace is quite high-value because suppliers in the market take pride in the high-quality products they create.

    Some of the big-name brands that Modalyst has partnered with are SHIEN, Wish, etc.

    This also means that they have their own shipping and logistics procedures in place – which Modalyst examines beforehand to ensure that they’re reliable — so they’re fully equipped to ship out products to customers on behalf of merchants.

    Quick delivery

    Since Modalyst suppliers also ship products from their US or EU warehouses, the delivery is faster and more reliable than it would be coming from overseas locations.

    Plus, Modalyst also connects you with other suppliers that provide unique products with Fast Standard Delivery (6-8 days) to the US.

    Relationship building with suppliers

    with merchants who sourcing Modalyst’s brand name products, they can speak personally with the suppliers about orders or product details. Thus tightening the relationship between merchants and the suppliers they trust.

    Modalyst’s cons

    We saw a pattern of the downsides from Spocket with those of Modalyst since these two apps share the same model:

    Modalyst Pricing

    For $0 and $30 per month, your power over Modalyst’s features is very narrow. Products imported are limited. Premium suppliers are only for Pro ($240 per year) and Business Plan ($480 per year).

    Plus, apart from the subscription fee, you are charged 2 -5% transaction fee for each order. It’s such a sky-high cost to trade off against brand name products

    Customer service

    The customer support team has received tons of bad feedback about their lack of quick and responsive support.

    Always Testing – The Same Rule Applies Here

    There is no best or worst app. It’s just which app suits your business better.

    After quite a long journey through the reviews of 5 most-used apps, we hope you’ll get a deeper understanding of how an automated dropshipping app can help you.

    But to know which one is perfectly right for you to grow your business most efficiently, reading is never enough.

    To find winning products and make a big money bag with them, the testing process is an integral step to do. Remember?

    The same rule applies here – test, test, and test. Only when you try using all these 5 dropshipping apps, you’ll know exactly which app you should make the most of, which is not.

    And don’t worry about the paid app as well. All those 5 dropshipping apps offer a free plan or free trial for you to try it out. So what are you waiting for? Just test them now!

    Happy dropshipping!