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  • Perfect Oberlo Alternative for Dropshipping Stores: Dropship Connector

    Over half of AliExpress dropshippers have used Oberlo since it has long turned up #1 on the list of top dropshipping apps on Shopify app store. No doubt, Oberlo is a useful and most well-known dropshipping app in the market. So it was quite impossible to find an outstanding Oberlo alternative a few years back.

    But after a period of engaging in this app, Oberlo users have found that sometimes they have to double or even triple their work. No matter how small or large in number, they always place their AliExpress orders one by one when using Oberlo.

    In such a fast-paced business world, a manual task like this will slow down your growth significantly, or even restrict your business scaling.


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    That’s indeed a pain in the neck for those who really want to make eCommerce better like us.

    That’s why we’ve worked very hard to bring to you Dropship Connector – a hassle-free Oberlo alternative to help you save tons of time and boost your productivity. With a very intuitive app interface, the most complex logic will turn into simple steps for you to use Dropship Connector.

    One big plus, you can take advantage of Dropship Connector forever without any dollar spent. What could be better than a free app with superior features?

    So, let’s pore over this article and find out how this Oberlo alternative can solve your problems and be your best sidekick ever in the odyssey of dropshipping with AliExpress!

    Have multiple orders placed automatically in 5 seconds. No more manual tasks involved!

    No matter how many hours it takes you to process your orders with Oberlo, Dropship Connector can do it within 5 seconds and a click.

    The most supreme feature of this app is Order Fulfillment Automation. Right after you connect your store to AliExpress by Dropship Connector, our app will upgrade your AliExpress account to whitelisted account. It unlocks the exclusive feature which allows you to place hundreds of AliExpress orders and have it auto fulfilled with only one click.

    It means from now on, you simply hit the button “Place order” and let Dropship Connector do the rest. Even there are hundreds of awaiting orders, just a few seconds are needed to get it all done.

    That’s what Oberlo and other similar dropshipping apps out there can’t give you.

    And that’s what makes Dropship Connector the best Oberlo alternative ever!



    Add AliExpress products to your store at ease

    After gaining access to thousands of suppliers from AliExpress via Dropship Connector, any item you want to show on your store will be quickly imported by using its AliExpress URL.

    All you need is to copy and paste the product’s link on the URL box of Dropship Connector and hit “Import” and it’s just like a breeze. The hot-selling product you wish to make a fortune with will immediately be added to your store and ready to sell.


    Let’s head over to Dropship Connector & Get it for free


    Give you full control over the dropshipping business

    Dropship Connector makes it very simple for you to monitor, control your dropshipping process and make timely adjustments when needed.

    The be-all and end-all you should care about at first is your order and shipping status. Dropship Connector equips you with order tracking, which helps you to easily follow up your order and shipping status in real time.

    Thus, it enhances your customer service because you know what to inform your awaiting customers, then make them happier and willing to buy from you again.



    The next thing you don’t want to miss is a daily automated inventory and prices update. With this feature, you’ll always be up-to-date with any adjustment in your AliExpress dropshipping products stock or prices.

    So even if your products are no longer available, or your suppliers suddenly change the price of it, just never mind. When enabling the automatic updates and choosing the rule for each case, you can relax from there. Dropship Connector will auto update it all every day.



    One last thing you can take into your own hands without any snag is to set your own rules for price and shipping methods. This feature was born to set you free from some tedious tasks carried out on every single order. It means now, you can:

    • Set your preference for each shipping method based on suitable regions or countries. Thus, whenever you get new orders, Dropship Connector has already selected the right shipping packet for each of it following the customer address. No need to check and do it yourself one by one like before!
    • Create the sale prices and the compared prices for all items on your store with one step by setting the Global pricing rules.




    Seamlessly replace products with better suppliers

    When running a dropshipping store, the odds are your dropshipping products are often out of stock, or you discover other suppliers providing cheaper prices and more suitable shipping methods for your current products.

    In that case, what would you do?

    Just go straight for feature Override (Variants mapping) of Dropship Connector, you can quickly switch between these old items to new, better ones without changing the product info on your store. Does that sound great to you?


    Now what?

    When you run a dropshipping store, productivity maximization needs the utmost care because it’s the backbone of your business growth. So, let’s let Dropship Connector, an exceptional Oberlo alternative, optimize it for you and together scale your business to the next new level.

    Get Dropship Connector for free!