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  • How to Boost Your Conversion Rate for Free

    boost conversion rate

    Do you have struggles with low conversion rate or cart abandonment? You might think of improving your store’s design, loading speed, and purchasing flow. Even though, you’ve already optimized them all, consulted with experts, but still have no improvement?

    Luckily, you can use a few apps to help you convert more users. Among them, one app has the ability to stand out from the crowd: Boost Convert.

    Notably, 10.000+ stores are using Boost Convert and they are converting 3X more users. Daily Best has even raised the rate to 9.31% since they used Boost Convert. What makes Boost Convert so highly-effective? With Boost Convert, your store can have multiple social proof and countdowns, speeding up users’ buying decision. The app is now available free on the Shopify app store. Let’s see how it works:

    1. Social Proof

    Across industries in eCommerce, the average conversion rate was 2.35%. Meanwhile, the top 25% are selling at a rate of 5.31%, 3X the average. This number can be raised by various methods, including social proof. For your information, social proof is the engagement insights on your site. They are numbers of reviews, page views, purchases, checkouts, sign-ups, and more. Boost Convert provides 3 types of social proof: sales notifications, checkout notifications, and sign-up notifications.

    Firstly, social proof does not only urge people to buy, but also build trust for your store. It lets visitors see others making purchases on your store, visitors would feel more confident and tend to buy with less hesitation. Secondly, it can help reduce cart abandonment to improve conversion rate. Here is a demo view of Boost Convert’s notifications:

    conversion rate

    An example of Boost Convert’s notifications

    Install notifications for free

    Moreover, because the notifications display what others were doing on your site, they can create a lively shopping experience on your storefront. Thus, this effect can slightly improve your store’s user experience.

    2. Countdown timers

    In general, countdown timers are the effective tools to create “Fear of missing out” (FOMO). Particularly,  this effect speeds up the buying decision and converts visitors into customers. When being pressed by time and scarcity, visitors are likely to make the decision quicker to buy. 60% of millennial consumers said they make a reactive purchase after experiencing FOMO, most often within 24 hours.

    Boost Convert offers 2 countdowns: timer countdown and stock countdown. First of all, timer countdown creates a time-sensitive feeling. You can consider it a sale motivator. Indeed, people are rather not missing a juicy deal that is running out.


    conversion rate

    Timer countdown and Stock countdown

    Install Countdowns for free

    Besides that, stock countdown delivers the same effect, but in a different aspect. Instead, it will display the remaining numbers of products left, warning about the out-of-stock possibility. Furthermore, the stock countdown doesn’t need to rely on sales off/discount as timer countdown does. Thus, you can still keep your full price while encouraging visitors to buy.

    What makes Boost Convert stand out from the crowd?

    With social proof and countdowns on your site, you can 3X your conversion rate. Additionally, Boost Convert can prove to be your go-to choice rather than other competitors:

    • All-in-one app to increase your conversion rate. You can control all over the notifications, countdowns, and timers at one place with ease.
    • User-friendly UI/UX which you can create notifications and countdowns in just a minute without any coding.
    • Made for mobile-first. Social proof and countdowns are fully responsive on desktop, mobile, tablet. Hence, it helps you maximize mobile conversions on all sizes of display.
    • Highly-customizable on every aspect. You can customize, edit any Boost Convert’s elements, making them look like parts of your store.
    • Everything is automated including auto-synced data for notifications, pre-setup timers on all products, etc. You won’t have to do anything else.

    Boost Convert is completely free without any charge. It truly is a powerful app to grow your business easily and effectively. You can get Boost Convert on Shopify app store here:

    Get Boost Convert for Free

    How to install Boost Convert to boost your conversion rate

    Step 1: Head to Boost Convert on the Shopify app store and install the app here. The app is available for free.

    conversion rate

    After installation, it will take you to the main dashboard how to boost conversion rate copt dashboard


    Step 2: Wait a moment for Boost Convert to import all of your sales, checkouts, and sign-ups. Click on Notification list on the left sidebar to check the syncing progress

    countdown how to boost conversion rate


    Step 3: Customize your notifications and countdowns to fit your store’s style.

    • Click on Setting under Sales Notifications section to customize your Sales Pop. Sales notifications settings provide options to manage and customize title, product name, and time.

    conversion rate


    • Click Settings on the Checkout notifications section to change images and messages in the pop-ups.

    conversion rate


    • Click Settings on the Sign-up notifications section to customize this notification type.

    • Click on Countdown tools to bring up the dashboard for countdowns. The first setting will take you to the Timer Countdown. In detail, timer countdown settings let you change the designs, placements and display rules.

    countdown how to boost conversion rate


    • Besides, product countdown settings adjust messages, designs, positions, and triggers.

    stock countdown countdown how to boost conversion rate


    Ta-da! You’ve done it, the app can take it from here. Now, the notifications and countdowns are showing on your store properly.

    Be rest assured, Boost Convert is happy to help you boost sales even when you’re sleeping. In general, it automatically syncs with your store to update new sales and checkouts. If you haven’t got the app, Boost Convert is available free on the Shopify app store:

    Get Boost Convert for Free


    Overall, the average conversion rate was 2.35% while the stores on top 25% sell at 5.31% rate. Nonetheless, Boost Convert is a useful app to help your store triple the conversions.

    In summary, Boost Convert is a marketing automation app that aims to solve the low conversion challenges. By providing social proof notifications and countdowns for free, it helps to increase add-to-cart, boost checkout rates, and improve conversion rate. Moreover, it’s a great tool to build trust, maximize mobile conversions, and deliver a lively shopping experience.

    Also, Boost Convert can create urgency on your store by using both timer countdown and stock countdown. Furthermore, all features are very easy to set up and completely automated. The app will run to boost your revenue 24/7. Therefore, you can sleep well while your store is making hundreds of sales!

    We believe Boost Convert can help you in conversion optimization and earn you more profit. Tell us your story and success right here under the comment!