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  • Top 10 Dropshipping Niches That Sell Like Crazy in 2019

    dropshipping niches

    Quite often, you might hear people talk about opening a dropshipping store and think that it’s easy to start.

    “I don’t have to pay for any upfront inventory and warehouse cost while I watch the sales revenue pour in!”

    It’s every dropshipping store owner’s dream. Run a successful business with little or no money. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

    But the truth is that it isn’t easy.

    90% of dropshippers fail during the first few months. They don’t get enough profit to keep up the game. Some even didn’t receive any order. Therefore, making a living on dropshipping is tough, truly.  

    A lot of reasons for failure are seen. Most of the time, it comes from choosing the wrong product to sell. With thousands of products available to sell online, picking up the right product can be overwhelming.

    Thankfully, there are still niche dropshipping products that you can tap into for unparalleled success. We’ve found some of them ourselves. In this article, we’ll show them to you.

    Here’s a little bit about what a niche product is and top 10 profitable dropshipping niches that you can make a living on this year.

    What is a product niche?

    When selecting products for a dropshipping store, the first (and most common) way is to pick any items to build a general dropshipping store. The store is made up of multiple products from many industries like clothing, cosmetics, computers, and electronics.

    This way is easy to start and reach more people but comes with higher competition and lower conversion rates. Some businesses can sell everything and do it well, but they’re the exception.

    That’s why many people now pay more attention to finding a narrow niche.  

    Basically, a niche is a focused product subcategory into which your products fall. For example, electronic devices are a fairly broad niche. Smartphones are much narrower.

    When you pick up the right niche, you’ll know exactly what type of customers you need to target, based on the niche’s qualities and the pain points your product solves. This means you have more targeted customers, and your brand will revolve around it, as well.

    In a word, there are two types of niches: the good and the bad. Obviously, you need to choose a good niche to make real money.

    Here are some differences between these niche types:

    dropshipping niche


    Be careful when approaching the following niches:

    • Products that are often carefully checked before the purchase (e.g. sophisticated electronics, footwear, exquisite clothing, etc.). If you add these items in your store, it’s better to implement a good return and refund policy.
    • Items that can get damaged during shipping (e.g. glass, porcelain, food, etc.).
    • Items that can possibly experience some legal issues while being taken by postal service and transferred through customs (e.g. knives, bows and arrows, etc.)
    • Large and heavy items. Huge packages may cause some big issues.

    Top dropshipping niches 2019

    So, you’ve understood what a product niche is. Now is the time to look at some ideas we’ve got for you.

    1. Oversized clothing

    Oversized shirts and dresses are one of the biggest retail trends for Spring/Summer 2019, according to the New York Fashion Week. It’s also said that oversized clothing will be the next big thing in the next few years.

    Some people link this trend to be the comeback of the 1980s’ clothing fashion in which padded shoulders, big pockets, and overall baggy silhouettes were always in demand. What was acceptable in the past seems to look dated today, but it will revive thanks to the changes in design and styling.

    dropshipping niche

    Source: AliExpress

    If you think about starting an oversized clothing dropshipping store, this is a good pick. But, as said earlier, since online shoppers can’t try on your clothes before making orders, it’s better to consider choosing oversize items with a loose cut. This type of clothing suits anyone no matter what their body type is, and it gives your customers a chance to shop your store without stress and discomfort.

    2. Velvet accessories

    Gone are the days when velvet was often associated with being “cheap”, even though it was once used by “royalty and the landed gentry” in the olden times. Today, a lot of velvet emerges as a beautiful trend and becomes a favorite of the fashion-forward crowd. If worn right, it can make anyone become elegant and sophisticated in a surprising way.

    dropshipping niche

    Source: AliExpress

    There are many types of velvet accessories to dropship, from pantsuits, dresses, and jackets to scarves, shoes, hats, and bags. Just choose any one of them, and start building your own business right now.

    3. Pet products

    The pet industry is predicted to be worth over $60 billion. Many people love adopting pets, especially cats and dogs. They’re willing to spend extra dollars buying the most beautiful things for their adorable “children”.

    In fact, pet products are a popular niche, and you might think they have been taking over Instagram. So, it’s hard to sell these items anywhere else. However, there’s still room to create a store that stands out.

    dropshipping niche

    Source: AliExpress

    By choosing the pet niche, you have many breeds you can add products for. In addition, you can sell not only items for a specific pet but also leases, harnesses, grooming kits, and bowls without having to buy inventory.

    Currently, manufacturers of pet suppliers are mainly based in China and Taiwan. Pet owners are extremely careful of the pet products from these merchants. Therefore, make sure you choose the right dropshipping wholesaler to avoid any risk relating to product quality.

    4. Bracelets

    Pandora is a well-known brand for charm bracelets, which the sales increased by 40% over a year. Many other brands also started entering this market, making the competition level higher. If you want to sell bracelets, there’s no time to wait.

    dropshipping niche

    Source: AliExpress

    The bracelets niche includes bangles, wrap bracelets, tennis bracelets, etc. They’re often associated with India, Nepal, and other South Asian countries. You can pick an item to start dropshipping and then expand your business into other categories like jewelry, accessories, and fashion.

    5. Fitness trackers

    If you know Fitbit and Garmin – two big name brands in the wearable devices market, you’ll be familiar with fitness trackers. As its most basic, they are smart devices which can measure things like steps, heart rate, distance traveled, and elevation gained. The evolving technology along with the changed attitude to healthy lifestyle help fitness trackers gain in popularity.

    Take a look at the number of fitness tracker bands’ orders on AliExpress:

    dropshipping niche

    And, here is the growth of interest in fitness trackers over one year.

    dropshipping niche

    According to the statistics, fitness trackers are even predicted to reach $3.33 billion in 2022. In other words, these devices will still see strong demand over the next several years. That’s why they are a lovely choice for your dropshipping store.

    Currently, the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is one of the most popular fitness trackers on AliExpress. This band supports an OLED display, touch button, and an improved pedometer algorithm. Besides, it also comes with a smartphone app that shows all the Mi Band’s stats, or users can opt to sync it with Google Fit (Android) or Apple Health (iPhone).

    dropshipping niche

    Source: AliExpress

    To increase your average order value, you can upsell interchangeable smartwatch bands in fun colors such as neon pink or green.

    6. Teeth whitening kit

    Professional but expensive dental treatment is gradually replaced with personal care products, more specifically, teeth whitening kits. Being seen in the market since 2015, they have continued to ride a wave of popularity, and are continually expected to reach $7.40 billion by 2024. Everyone has teeth so you can be 100% sure that there will be a steady need for these products.  

    The teeth whitening products include bleaching kits, whitening strips, charcoal powder, etc. These products aim to help deal with serious problems, so people will more likely buy them until they find one that works.

    dropshipping niche

    Source: AliExpress

    If you have much interest in selling teeth whitening kits, start a dropshipping business with them. It’s highly recommended to sell anti-snoring items like sleep apnea kits and mouth guards at the same time. This way, you can optimize your earning potential.

    7. Waterproof bag

    Wherever you walk in the rain, go to the beach or take a picnic, the biggest fear is of getting your stuff like digital devices accidentally drenched in water. Most smartphones aren’t waterproof, so if they fall into a pool of mud or a water pool, the high chance is they will get ruined. The best way to protect them is by using a waterproof bag (aka dry bags).  

    A waterproof bag is typically made from synthetic materials and coated with waterproofing, which helps protect digital devices, clothes, and other items during water-based activities. A lot of people prefer using this product type when they go kayaking, camping, hiking, and sailing. Without any doubt, the demand for waterproof bags will always exist.  

    Take a look at these waterproof bags which you can find on AliExpress’s marketplace. You’ll see that they’ve got a 4.8-star rating, which is just two fractions of a star away from a perfect score. Also, this is an average rating out of 2222+ reviews, which is great news for anyone considering dropshipping waterproof bags.

    dropshipping niche

    Overall, these products are solid, and they’re a great choice if you’re in the outdoor clothing niche.

    8. 3D printer accessories

    Using 3D printing equipment, you can easily print many things out in different materials and colors. According to the latest report from Research and Market, every person in the developed countries will come in contact with 3D printed products, starting from 2025. Also, the market is predicted to hit $32,78 billion by 2023. Clearly, 3D printers will change the world in few following years.

    This trend isn’t shown not only by large-scale manufacturers but also by so-called “prosumers” (professional consumers) who want to buy 3D printers and accessories for some in-house use. It’s no doubt that selling 3D printers accessories can attract many end customers who build and use the machinery for their own personal purpose.

    Currently, you can consider selling some top rated AliExpress products featured in the 3D pens and 3D printer parts & accessories categories.

    dropshipping niche

    9. Reusable products

    Human beings are increasingly caring about the environment, as proven by the fact that more and more people start using eco-friendly and reusable products in their daily lives. This switch becomes “a new normal”: it isn’t only a socially approved behavior pattern but also a fashion statement as well.

    In 2017, reusable water bottles were considered as a status symbol. One year later, various other types of reusable things were all the rage, some of which even became “hottest travel trend of the year”.

    Two of the most popular reusable products you should think about are shopping for bags and food wrap. Regarding the former, they are more than just a fashion accessory. Just a quick glance at Google Trend, and you will understand that people are more and more keen to say goodbye to plastic bags and paper bags.

    dropshipping niche

    In terms of reusable food wraps, they can be called the new kitchen essential. As consumers want to stay away from single-use plastics, this innovative and environmental-friendly solution will take center stage.

    dropshipping niche

    Source: AliExpress

    10. Mobile devices accessories

    Generally speaking, smartphones and tablets are already an integral part of our life. For some people, it is even more important to be able to check these devices at any moment. That’s why you should create a dropshipping store filled with mobile phone accessories which provide 24/7 connectivity.

    dropshipping niche

    Source: AliExpress

    There are many high revenue generating products for mobile accessories like battery, charger, power bank, portable speaker, earphone/headphone, memory card, etc. To figure out which exactly the items you should sell, you need to do research thoroughly and keep updated with new trends in the mobile market.  

    Based on Market Research Future’s report, Asia Pacific is the most lucrative market for mobile accessories and is likely to continue its dominance over the next few years. Remember to bear this in mind so you can target the right customers.

    Final words

    Looking for perfect dropshipping niches is always a tough task.

    However, we do hope this article will give you insightful ideas to narrow down your choice and escape from the questions like these: “what niche to think of?”, “what to concentrate on?”, or “what if the chosen won’t be as profitable as expected?”

    Pick one and develop your niche to find real success in dropshipping.