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  • 9 Last Minute Father’s Day 2019 Gift Ideas to Catch More Customers

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    Father’s Day is a thriving force in the online retail holiday. This special day to honor fathers and father figures is already projected to reach an all-time high of $16 billion spending this 2019. This means online stores are in full gear with a foolproof Father’s Day 2019 campaign.

    What are you doing to take home a slice of the pie? Father‚Äôs Day is practically upon us ‚ÄĒ if you‚Äôre still scratching your head about what Father‚Äôs Day gifts to sell, don‚Äôt worry!

    We’ve got an assortment of last-minute Father’s Day gift ideas to help you navigate the hustle and bustle of this special day. From affordable to memorable, our gift ideas for dads will surely warm all fathers’ hearts!

    Let’s start your most successful Father’s Day campaign yet!

    What Father’s Day gifts are shoppers looking for?

    According to Ana Serafin Smith, director of media relations at the National Retail Federation (NRF), “Consumers are looking into other types of non-traditional gifts to give dads which includes personal care, gifts of experiences, and gift cards”. This is concurred by the historical spending plans of customers over the past 10 years:

    Father's Day 2019 Gift Ideas

    Source: NRF.com

    The latest research on Father’s Day spending reveals that greeting cards, special outing, clothing, and gift cards are the most popular gifts this 2019. But, special outings such as dinner or brunch have the highest forecasted spending value.

    Here’s the full list of Father’s Day 2019 popular gift spending:

    Father's Day 2019 Gift Ideas

    This Father’s Day 2019, expect that more and more online stores will modify their Father’s Day campaigns to be more inclusive of the new gift ideas that people are planning to buy. If you want to take advantage of this trend, offering these last-minute Father‚Äôs Day gifts is a good idea.

    But before you do so, it’s crucial to know which are the most important gift qualities that shoppers are looking to buy. According to NRF, the gift’s uniqueness is the top-most priority. This is followed by nostalgia or the feeling of creating a special memory is also a necessary characteristic.

    Father's Day 2019 Gift Ideas

    Source: NRF.com

    Last-minute Father’s Day gift ideas

    This year, we studied the latest consumer trends to highlight which Father’s Day products are popular as gift ideas. We’ve taken into account the shift in consumers’ preference for non-traditional items to provide you with unique and exciting products to choose from.

    There are various product niches that your eCommerce store can offer during this holiday. Here’s a list of the hottest Father’s Day gift ideas to get you started selling more this Father’s Day:

    Use nostalgic special outing memories

    Because special outing products have the highest spending value forecasted this year, it’s just appropriate to include them into our list. But, you can’t really sell special outing activities into your current online store, unless you’re in event services.

    As a workaround, you can use the fond memories from special outings with your dad. The nostalgic feeling of those special outings like memorable dinners you shared with your father can be a good source of inspiration when looking for Father’s Day gift ideas.

    From dinners or birthday celebrations, there is a lot of nostalgia-inducing special outings shared with dads all over the world. Here are our top pick last-minute Father’s Day products that will surely ignite those memories:

    1. Beer related items for beer-loving dads

    There‚Äôs probably no occasion without any alcohol present. And with dads, the beer is the most popular alcohol. We probably all have memories of our dads holding an ice cold beer. While you can share the Father’s Day with one, you can also make this an inspiration to your Father‚Äôs Day gift ideas.

    This Father’s Day, celebrate your beer-loving dad with some unique and quirky beer related products including accessories and homebrew kits. For example, Nordstrom offers a wall mounted bottle opener as a Father’s Day gift idea for beer-loving dads.

    Father's Day 2019 Gift Ideas

    You can source this bottle opener from Alibaba direct suppliers so you can offer this extra memorable Father’s Day gift.

    Father's Day 2019 Gift Ideas

    If you want to take it to the next level, then a homebrew kit will surely delight any father out there. The Beverage Factory is your one-stop shop for your home brew kits.

    2. Electric barbecue grills

    Who’s always in charge during family barbecues? Your dad would probably your best bet. Grilling is one of the most labor-intensive parts of family outdoor gathering. So, why not make their lives much easier this Father’s Day with an electric barbecue grill?

    Father's Day 2019 Gift Ideas

    Made in China has a list of trusted suppliers of barbecue grills that you can add into your last-minute Father’s Day gift ideas. They have portable and electric grills which can be used both indoors and outdoors.

    3. Lend them a hand with handy tool gifts

    Watching your dads fixing your broken sink is a nostalgic memory. So, it‚Äôs about time to upgrade his tool kits. The best part of giving this as a Father‚Äôs Day gift is that he’ll actually use them. For example, Stanley has a 65-piece tool kit with a complete range of metric-sized sockets and drive tools.

    Father's Day 2019 Gift Ideas

    Because of the possible surge of Father’s Day shoppers, Stanley already made sure that they’re capturing the sudden increase in traffic. They have implemented an opt-in form that will pop up the moment a new visitor enters their site. This way, they’re not wasting the opportunity of capturing more leads this Father’s Day.

    Father's Day 2019 Gift Ideas

    Pro tip: You can steal this Father’s Day campaign to take advantage of the increased traffic and get more email subscribers using a powerful email marketing tool such as SiteKit. This will help you create your own email capture form.

    Offer popular clothing gifts for dads

    Clothes are also extra popular this Father’s Day. Whether it’s for stylish dads or dad with no fashion sense, here are some gift ideas to consider to get more Father’s Day shoppers lined up into your online store:

    4. Statement shirts for quirky dads

    From funny statements to proud one catchphrases like ‚ÄúBest Dad Ever‚ÄĚ, these are some of the most highly demanded Father‚Äôs Day gift ideas to offer. For example, Parker Bear shared a shoppable post on Instagram of its statement shirts as its Father‚Äôs Day campaign.

    Father's Day 2019 Gift Ideas

    Pro tip: When posting your Father’s Day campaign on social media, use hashtags that people use when looking for gift inspirations online such as #fathersdaygifts and #fathersdaygiftideas.

    You can also create your own statement shirts in time for Father’s Day by sourcing them from Spreadshirt.

    Father's Day 2019 Gift Ideas

    You can also source tank tops and aprons with quirky statements and comical labels suitable for your last-minute Father’s Day offerings.

    Father's Day 2019 Gift Ideas

    5. Neckties for corporate dads

    Got a hardworking dad? Then a simple but unique necktie will already delight him instantly. Ties.com specializes in neckties so they can supply you with this Father’s Day gift idea in time for Father’s Day.

    6. Socks for everyday dads

    Every dad needs a pair of fresh socks. Not only that socks are highly versatile Father’s Day gifts but they’re also very affordable. You can source this last-minute Father’s Day gift idea from Chinabrands. They can easily dropship your items for you too.

    Father's Day 2019 Gift Ideas

    Because of its affordability, you can also use socks as your Father’s Day freebies to entice more shoppers to buy from your online store. For example, Sock Fancy is offering a free pair of socks this Father’s Day for every new subscription.

    Father's Day 2019 Gift Ideas

    7. Jeans for casual dads

    The truth is: there are lots of dads who only own one or two jeans which are even old or just downright unflattering. Give your dads some new jeans that actually fit them. Stylish jeans are also one of the most popular last-minute Father’s Day gift ideas to add to your online store.

    For example, Combatant Gentlemen put this daddy jeans issues into a social media contest. They asked people to share photos of their dad’s bad looking jeans with the hashtag #ByeByeDadJeans. Winners would receive three new pairs of jeans for their dads.

    Father's Day 2019 Gift Ideas

    This humorous Father’s Day campaign immediately sparked engagement from Twitter users who shared photos of their dads wearing their not-so-flattering jeans. Here’s a sample of a user-generated content that helped Combatant Gentlemen score a spike in brand awareness.

    Pro tip: Humor is a great viral element to add to your next social media Father’s Day campaign. It immediately tells people that you are a fun and engaging brand.

    Pamper dads with personal care products

    Personal care products like skincare are not just for moms. Dads should also take care of themselves with some grooming products. Pamper your dads this Father’s Day with these popular skin and hair care products:

    8. Shaving gift sets

    Shaving kits are grooming essentials for dads. Let them not worry about razor cuts with a complete pack of shaving goodies from 100% natural and vegan-friendly store Soap and Pamper.

    Father's Day 2019 Gift Ideas

    Pro tip: Soap and Pamper partnered with Early Biz, a morning business Twitter networking event to amplify their social media presence. Partnering with other businesses will help you reach new audiences for your store.

    9. Grooming kits

    Aside from shaving kits, all-in-one grooming kits including hair trimmers, comb, etc. are perfect last-minute Father’s Day gift ideas. For example, Durmen offers a variety of grooming kit boxes this Father’s Day with some assortment of items bundled perfectly for dads.

    Pro tip: You can also bundle up products to increase the average order value this Father’s Day. This way, you are maximizing every transaction. You can simply activate an upselling and cross-selling tool like Boost Upsell to help you automatically create a product bundle for your Father’s Day shoppers.

    Celebrating Super Dads

    Father’s Day has etched its way as one of the most important shopping events this year. With its growing market, more and more online stores are joining the celebration. If you’re still unsure what Father’s Day gift ideas to offer, then we’ve got the right mix of heartwarming products for dads.

    Plus, we’ve also included some fresh and engaging Father’s Day campaign examples that you can steal away for your last-minute Father’s Day promotions. Apply them to your online store and let us know how well you did this Father’s Day!