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  • How Daily Best 16X Their Shopify Conversion Rate Without Losing A Penny

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    Are you struggling to boost your conversion rate?

    Would you like to increase your Shopify store’s conversion rate to 9% without spending a dime?

    In the next 3 minutes, we will show you a free hack that helped Daily Best to convert 9.31% of their traffic into money (aka 4x industry average).





    Started out in early 2019, Christ, the founder of Daily Best, was struggling to find a way to improve their store’s conversion rates.

    “In 3 months we were working tirelessly on product research and Facebook ads. However, our conversion rate was roughly 0.7%. That was terrible” said Christ.

    “People came to the store and fled right away without buying. We guessed there must be something wrong with the website and it should be fixed ASAP.”

    After consulting several friends who were experienced in eCommerce, the founder found that the website had lacked in trust. Besides, because online shoppers are usually hesitant about buying, a small nudge is necessary to urge them to purchase on their first visit.

    Christ came across our Boost Convert app while browsing Shopify appstore for solutions. He then decided to give it a shot since the app is totally free.

    Build more trust with Sales Notifications and Checkout Notifications

    Firstly, in order to build more trust for the brand, the founder activated the feature Sales Notifications. It turns recent purchases of the store into popups and displays them in the corner of the website.

    Sale Notifications



    In addition, Boost Convert also helps Daily Best to showcase how many people have checked out successfully within the last 24 hours with its Checkout notifications on the cart pages.


    Checkout notifications


    As a result, these tools do wonders for creating more credibility by stating that many other customers are also trusting and buying from this brand.

    Urge shoppers to make buying decisions faster with Countdown Tools

    Next, the founder also tried showing the Countdown Tools of Boost Convert on the product pages. The app allows Daily Best to show how many items there are in stock and when the sales gonna end.

    Once customers are pressed by time and scarcity, they will buy instantly before missing a great deal on limited items.


    Countdown Tools




    After 1-month using Boost Convert app, Daily Best has reached a 9.3% conversion rate (which was 16 TIMES better) and made $11,758 in sales.

    “Boost Convert is truly a lifesaver. We can’t imagine how we would run our Shopify store without it.” – Christ, the founder of Daily Best

    Wanna reach your dream conversion rate like Daily Best?