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  • How Daily Best Doubled Their Order Size and Made an Extra $17,380 with Upselling in 3 Weeks

    Started out with a Shopify store selling smart gadgets and accessories, Christ, founder of Daily Best, was hoping to find a way to quit his 9-5 job.

    He first stumbled on Boost Convert app by Boostflow, tried it and managed to get a 9% conversion rate within a month!

    Jumped for joy, Christ decided to try optimizing his store with other Boostflow apps. Then he found Boost Upsell app – a new way to increase his order value and sales.

    Revenue = Number of Orders x Average Order Value (AOV). We already managed to optimize our conversion rate as well as our number of orders, now it’s time for our AOV.” Christ said.

    Motivate customers to add more items to their carts

    Christ got the ball rolling with the Add-to-cart Upsell feature of Boost Upsell app. Whenever a Daily Best’s shopper adds a product to his/her cart, an upselling popup will appear, recommending him more items he might love to buy as well.

    Add to cart Upsell - Boost Upsell app
    In an attempt to find the best products to suggest store visitors, Christ run A/B tests by creating 6 Add-to-cart Upsell offers.

    With the detailed report of the app, Christ can easily figure out which one was his winner: Suggesting the best sellers of his store could generate a 22.08% conversion rate.

    Detail dashboard - Boost Upsell app

    Add to cart upsell CTA - Boost Upsell app
    Make the most of every customer at the last minute

    Next, Christ created some Last-step Upsell offers with Boost Upsell app. When customers click on “Check out” button on the cart pages, the upselling popup will show up the last time with a list of items they might be interested in.

    This feature resulted in a 75% uplift in Daily Best’s conversion rate since it upsells more products to shoppers who are interested in his products already.

    Last step upsell - Boost Upsell app

    Similar to the Add-to-cart Upsell, the founder also tried creating several Last-step-upsell offers to find out which offer would perform the best for his store.

    Take upselling to a higher level with Artificial Intelligence technology

    Now Christ is looking into using the Smart Upsell feature, which would analyze his historical sales database and customer behaviors, then automatically suggest personalized upselling offers that they can’t resist to take.

    Smart Upsell - Boost Upsell

    Smart Upsell CTA - Boost Upsell

    “We have just tried this cool feature and the initial result was quite impressive. Frankly speaking, it would be a perfect choice for online stores having many products because the owners won’t have to manually create upselling offers one by one anymore.”


    After leveraging upselling with Boost Upsell app in 3 weeks, Daily Best managed to doubled their average order value, from $43 to $87 and made an extra of $17,380 in sales.

    Results Daily Best - Boost Upsell app

    “Once again, Boostflow apps haven’t disappointed us. Thank you for creating such helpful tools.” Christ, founder of Daily Best.

    You can see Boost Upsell in action by visiting Daily Best store here.

    Ready to boost your AOV and revenue to the Daily Best’s level?

    Bottom CTA - Boost Upsell app