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  • 8 Best Mother’s Day Campaign Ideas to Build Buzz and Get More Sales

    Mother's Day Campaign Ideas

    Mother’s Day has marked its way as one of the biggest retail holidays in retailer’s calendar. With a forecasted record-breaking $25 billion revenue this year, it commands your full attention.

    The challenge is: are you prepared to take on the highly anticipated Mother’s Day this year?

    With this massive market, almost everyone will have a planned out Mother’s Day campaign. This means competition will be cutthroat — do you have a unique mother’s day campaign to stand out?

    If you’re still unsure about what to do, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve lined up 8 fresh and exciting Mother’s Day campaign ideas that will trump up your Mother’s Day campaign. This will help drive engagement around your store in time for this special celebration.

    Let’s get you more sales this beloved Mother’s Day with our list of Mother’s Day campaigns!

    1. Pandora: ‘One in a Million’ Mother’s Day Special

    Because Mother’s Day is a special occasion, providing limited-edition offers is a great Mother’s Day campaign idea to create hype and visibility for your store. Limited-edition offerings build a sense of exclusivity and add extra value to products because they turn as collector’s items.

    This is exactly what Pandora Singapore had in mind when they created their ‘One in a Million’ Mother’s Day campaign. They’re offering exclusive Pandora ‘One in a Million’ bangle and jewelry box with a $250 SGD spend.

    Mother's Day Campaign Ideas

    Pandora is offering a special edition bangle and jewelry box as a Mother’s Day campaign.

    Best practice sharing: You too can use the power of exclusivity by giving limited edition offers. If you manufacture your own product, you can easily alter a regular product to a limited-edition item. If not, you can just offer a limited-edition Mother’s Day freebie for every purchase of your Mother’s Day promotions.

    But, remember to heighten the sense of urgency. For example, you can use a countdown timer to urge your visitors to act on your Mother’s Day promotion as soon as possible.

    Mother's Day Campaign Ideas

    Pandora added urgency to its limited edition free shipping with a countdown timer using a header bar.

    You can have this similar Mother’s Day Campaign idea by simply using Boost Convert. This will help you display your Mother’s Day campaign to stay afloat or stick at the top of a web page which attracts the attention of visitors.

    2. Evite: Real Mom Confessions

    As part of its Mother’s Day campaign, Evite interviewed in real life mothers to share a confession of their most humorous and touching stories that they’ve shared their children over the years.

    The video is then uploaded to their Youtube channel to engage their viewers and also encourage other moms to share their confessions. This helped them extend the video engagement and sparked the conversation between their viewers and their brand.

    Mother's Day Campaign Ideas

    Best practice sharing: Challenge your followers to get more creative with a heartfelt video for their moms. Ask them to record a quick video message and share an unforgettable moment with their moms. You can also ask real moms to share their family confessions or stories as an alternative.

    You can simply ask them to upload them on social media and tag your account. Then, you can re-post them on your channel. You can also make a video montage of these heartwarming videos.

    3. L’Oréal Paris: Luxe Mother’s Day Giveaway

    In time for Mother’s Day, L’Oréal Paris latched on some social buzz by running their own giveaway. Their official giveaway rule requires no purchase necessary to join in. Participants just need to submit the official entry form by providing their name, age, email address and write what makes their mom unique.

    Mother's Day Campaign Ideas

    The winners will receive mom-spoiling giveaways like a gift bag containing a selection of L’Oreal Paris EverPure products and a spa gift card.

    Best practice sharing: Boost social media engagement with family-oriented UGCs. Family is an important aspect during Mother’s Day. Fathers, sons, daughters, and also mothers unite to celebrate this special occasion. Center their love for family as the focus of your Mother’s day campaign, especially on social media.

    You need to craft a Mother’s Day campaign that encourages people to create user-generated contents (UGCs) celebrating their moms. To get more people to join, make sure you add a great prize to attract them. The better your prize, the more participants to expect.

    For example, host an Instagram photo contest. Ask your followers to share a photo of them with their mom. Make sure to ask them to add #mothersday and your campaign hashtag on their post. Depending on your brand, you can also ask the participants to feature your product on their post.

    4. Mommy & Me Market: Sponsored Instagram Photo Contest

    Two heads are better than one. This is also true with your Mother’s Day campaign. Not only that you have a partner to share the cost, but you’re also exposing your brand to a new audience through your partner’s existing customers and followers.

    Mommy & Me Market partnered up with various service establishments to run a photo contest during Mother’s Day. They reached out to businesses that are well-loved by mothers such as spas, dermatology clinics, and aesthetic centers. They ask for these establishments to sponsor prizes for their contest like spa treatments and club memberships.

    Mother's Day Campaign Ideas

    Best practice sharing: Think of businesses that are extremely popular during Mother’s Day and ask them for a promotional partnership. Flower shops and jewelry stores are always a hit for moms. You can trade products as freebies during Mother’s Day.

    For example, you can also ask restaurants to run a promo with you, such as “Buy $100-gift for mom and get $10 restaurant gift card.” Your store benefits from the freebie while the partnered restaurant will generate new customers.

    5. Ulta: ‘Her Beauty. Her Favorites. Her Day’ Campaign

    With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, finding the perfect gift to give your mom can be challenging. Shoppers look for gift inspirations before deciding to buy. In fact, more than 8 in 10 (81 percent) reported going to retailers for gifting inspiration.

    Ulta launched its ‘Her Beauty. Her Favorites. Her Day’ campaign in time for Mother’s Day to make it a lot easier for shoppers to look for the perfect gift for their moms. They created a dedicated landing page for its gift guides. The guides are divided into several classifications like ‘Top 25 Best Gifts’, ‘Gifts Under $25’ and different product categories.

    Mother's Day Campaign Ideas

    Best practice sharing: Help shoppers with gift guides. Creating your own Mother’s Day gift guides is one of the all-important Mother’s Day campaign ideas to focus on. It doesn’t only help your shoppers find the perfect products to gift but you’re already speeding up their path to purchase.

    You can also reach out to several bloggers to include your products on their gift guides for Mother’s Day. This will help you increase your brand awareness in time for Mother’s Day. For example, Ulta also partnered with a YouTuber, Madison Miller to showcase their products on her Mother’s Day gift guide.

    6. ProFlowers: Be a Mother’s Day Pro

    ProFlowers Mother’s Day campaign is simple: give heartwarming gifts to your mom like a professional. This is the entire premise of their ‘Be a Mother’s Day Pro’ campaign. They intensified their presence on Instagram and included hashtags like #OrderLikeAPro, #ProMom, and #MothersDay.

    Mother's Day Campaign Ideas

    They wanted to help Mother’s Day shoppers to not pour over so much time deciding what flowers to give to their moms. What they did was to provide shoppers with discounted Mother’s Day product bundles so it won’t be difficult to choose what flowers and other items to get while at the same time helping them to save some extra bucks.

    Mother's Day Campaign Ideas

    Best practice sharing: Because they commonly come with a discounted price, a bundled product is usually perceived as more valuable compared to buying single items separately. If shoppers are already planning to buy more than one product, it also speeds up their buying decision process.

    This Mother’s Day offers irresistible bundles to encourage shoppers to purchase more than one item in a single transaction. This won’t only help your shoppers decide a lot faster, but you’re also increasing their average order value. The more products to purchase, the higher the revenue.

    Mother's Day Campaign Ideas

    You can easily create your product bundles offers by simply activating a cross-selling app to help you bundle up products automatically. Once activated, your customers will see a corner popup of the products that they can add to their bundle.

    7. Simple Sugars: Mother’s Day Email Reminder

    Mother’s Day is an annual tradition. This means that you should already have a list of previous buyers from last year’s Mother’s Day. Instead of just focusing on gaining new traffic, why not reach out to your past customers and drive them back to your site in time for Mother’s Day?

    Simple Sugars did exactly this by sending an email reminder of the upcoming Mother’s Day to its previous shoppers. The email includes a line “You cannot forget your mom on Mother’s Day” as a gentle reminder that they should be thinking about championing their moms on their special day.

    Mother's Day Campaign Ideas

    This Mother’s Day email also made sure to drive their previous shoppers to go back to their store and check out their new Mother’s Day offerings for the year. The email showcased their Mother’s Day sampler product and also heightened their sense of urgency to buy with an exclusive Mother’s Day discount promo code.

    Best practice sharing: It’s a perfect time for you to reignite your past relationship with your old Mother’s Day shoppers. Send them an email reminding that Mother’s Day is just around the corner and that your online store is ready to cater them again with their Mother’s Day purchases. It’s actually much easier to sell to shoppers who already have prior experience from you than you think.

    Mother's Day Campaign Ideas

    You can conveniently automate a scheduled email to promote and remind your previous shoppers of the upcoming Mother’s Day with a full-automation email platform service.

    8. Babor: Offer influencer promo codes

    With 86% of marketers using influencer marketing within the last two years, we’re seeing that more and more brands will take advantage of it and Mother’s Day campaign won’t be an exception.

    Babor, a professional skin care store from South Africa, reached out to an Instagram influencer, Saskia Topp. The stored asked Saskia for a Mother’s Day campaign partnership where she was given with an influencer promo code that her followers from South Africa can use to redeem when purchasing products from Babor.

    Mother's Day Campaign Ideas

    Babor also asked this Instagram influencer to share her skincare routine on her IG Stories. They sent some product samples that she could use on her skincare routine. This allowed them to showcase their products and expose their brand to her followers.

    At the end of the skincare routine, the influencer also reminded her followers of the exclusive promo code that they could avail when purchasing products from Babor.

    Mother's Day Campaign Ideas

    Best practice sharing: As one of your Mother’s Day campaign ideas, you can select micro-influencers with followers aligned to your brand to promote your Mother’s Day campaign. You can provide them with an exclusive influencer promo code that they can share with their followers. You can reward the influencers with product samples or monetary rate for every successful product redemption.

    With the help of your chosen micro-influencers, you can harness the influencers’ following to drive traffic to your Mother’s Day campaign promotions. Aside from micro-influencers, you can also partner with other non-competing brands to intensify your Mother’s Day promotions on social media.

    Pampering moms

    Every store will surely fight for online shoppers’ attention this coming Mother’s Day. If you don’t have a foolproof Mother’s Day campaign to get noticeable during this busy shopping day, you could be wasting the enormous opportunity to get more sales.

    Luckily, our 8 creative Mother’s Day campaign ideas will help you navigate the hustle and bustle of Mother’s Day. This will get you with Mother’s Day campaigns that will surely hype your store and win over those picky Mother’s Day shoppers.

    Remember, for your Mother’s Day campaign to be effective, you have to center it on what matters most for mothers: family. Moms need to be pampered on their special day but they will be more than happy to celebrate it with their loved ones.

    Do you have more Mother’s Day campaign ideas that you’d like to share? Let us know some Mother’s Day campaigns that touched you by commenting down below.