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  • Introduce Boost Upsell App – A New Way to Rock Ecommerce Sales With Smart Upselling

    Boost Upsell app

    Getting traffic for eCommerce websites is hard. Making more money from every visitor is even harder. It’s especially true in such a fiercely competitive market these days.

    There is a legendary formula that no one shouldn’t know: Revenue = No. of Orders x Average Order Value. This means apart from increasing number of orders, improving your order value would be a good idea to boost your sales.

    That’s where Upselling and Cross-selling come in.

    For those who aren’t familiar with these terms: Upselling is simply an act of suggesting customers a better (more expensive) product when they add something to their carts or reach a checkout page. For example, an Apple salesman convinces you to upgrade to a 15-inch MacBook when seeing you intend to buy a 13-inch one.

    Meanwhiles, cross-selling has the same goal – increase order size but is a bit different: offering complementary items to what customers are already interested in. i.e If you pick a Dell laptop on Amazon, high chances are you will be invited to buy a mouse and a backpack as well.

    In fact, Amazon reported 35% of their annual revenue came from upselling and cross-selling.

    Aiming to help merchants bring these powerful strategies to their online stores, Boostflow proudly introduces Boost Upsell app – a new yet effective way to boost your order value and sales.

    Let’s find out how to Boost Upsell can do for your business!

    Add-to-cart Upsell – Increase order value & make customers happier

    When customers add an item to their carts, a popup will show up, suggesting them more products that would be higher-value alternatives or complementary to the added one. For example, when a shopper chooses a digital camera, Boost Upsell will recommend him/her a discounted memory card or a tripod that perfectly go with his camera.

    Add to cart - Boost Upsell

    The customer will thank you for this since he doesn’t have to spend more time looking around what he also needs, while you get a good chance to send your order value through the roof. It’s a win-win.

    Therefore, not only does Boost Upsell help you skyrocket your order value and sales, but also improves customer experience on your store.

    Call to action - Boost Upsell app

    Smart Upsell – leveraging AI technology to take upselling to a new level

    Don’t know how to create upselling offers that convert? Boost Upsell has got you covered!

    To help your business thrive in a competitive online market, we have applied the latest Artificial Intelligence technology on Boost Upsell app. The app will analyse the previous purchases in your store database and behaviors of every customer on your store, and then automatically recommend the most relevant products to customers, just like Amazon.

    We know merchants like you are always super-busy. That’s why we created Smart Upsell to help you maximize your conversion rates without you sitting for hours creating your product bundles manually.

    Smart Upsell - Boost Upsell

    Last-step Upsell – make even more on every purchase at the last minute

    Boost Upsell also helps you maximize revenue generated from every customer. When customers click on “Check out” button on the cart pages, the upselling popup will show up the last time with a list of items they might be interested in.

    These upselling products are well-chosen based on their carts and your sales history, which makes your customers more likely to purchase.

    Last step upsell - Boost Upsell app

    Sales Motivator – utilize gamification to encourage impulse buying

    Boost Upsell makes shopping fun for your customers while rewarding them for spending more. The app encourages shoppers to add more items to their cart to reach a specific goal you set in order to get a discount.

    Sale Motivator - Boost Upsell app

    Needless to say, this is a surefire way to entice customers to make impulse purchases, increase your order value and boost customer engagement on your store.

    Call to action - Boost Upsell app

    If you need help getting started with Boost Upsell, refer to our definitive instruction here to get the most out of the app, or just drop us an email at [email protected]

    Happy Selling!