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  • Dropship Connector x ShopBase China – Get Access To An Exclusive Dropshipping Product Source

    Let us begin with one simple fact: Dropshipping with AliExpress is no longer the best choice in 2019. Here’s why:

    • Slow shipping time: Just imagine you couldn’t wait to buy something that takes roughly 30-45 days to be delivered to your door. From the customer perspective, isn’t it horrible?
    • Tattered packages with Chinese information printed all over the place: Poor-made packagings with full of Chinese words outside are what your customers get when you sell products from AliExpress.
    • Troubles when working with multiple suppliers: If your store sells more than one niche, you certainly have to work with many suppliers from AliExpress. It’s really time-consuming and difficult to manage or complain about issues with many suppliers.
    • Frauds and scams are everywhere: Yes, frauds and scams are indispensable parts of AliExpress market.

    The list is still long. But those downsides are enough to prove the fact that dropshipping with AliExpress is not all roses, not to mention that when we have something better for you.

    So just skip all the talking and discover it then and there, will you?

    ShopBase China – An all-inclusive dropshipping service for you to rock your sales

    dropshipping product source and warehouse

    From now on, running dropshipping business gonna be way easier and much more scalable when Dropship Connector starts connecting you to ShopBase China.

    Mind you, ShopBase China is a big, trustful dropshipping agent that is enabled to provide you a huge source of hot-trend products with better prices. (surely cheaper than the prices AliExpress could bring).

    Hence it’s a double benefit. You can leverage all the powerful features of Dropship Connector to automate everything when sourcing winning products and fulfilling orders with ShopBase China for FREE.

    Sounds awesome? Well, don’t be thrilled too soon since there are more exciting things than that. Just find out now!

    1. Request and source any trending products with the most reasonable prices

    If you think the product prices in AliExpress is cheapest in the market, you would have to think again.

    Not only the prices ShopBase China offers are lower than the average prices, but sometimes you even get the sweetest deal by negotiating the price.

    Moreover, working with only one product source is way easier and quicker than working with multiple ones, especially for making the price deals.

    Since ShopBase China is a separate dropshipping agency providing an all-inclusive service, it’s needless to worry about all the troubles like when you dropship with multiple suppliers from AliExpress.

    2. Growing sales becomes a breeze with trendy and high-quality products

    dropshiping supplier

    When it comes to dropshipping, what products to sell is the key element to build a successful store. No winning products, no sales, no business.

    ShopBase China knows about it by heart. That’s why the product quality and its high level of market-niche are what they care about most.

    Before stocking any product, ShopBase China always sends their product research team to come and work directly with the manufacturers. To ensure the highest quality for those products, they’ll diligently test them and only select what are the best.

    And for the record, ShopBase China is proudly able to provide you 99% of products from AliExpress or any trending item you find potential. And don’t forget no matter what the products are, their prices are always amazing!

    3. Fast and cost-effective delivery time

    AliExpress takes about 15 – 45 days to ship your orders. ShopBase China shortens the delivery time by half.

    ShopBase China only takes 1 day to process your orders and 8 – 10 business days to deliver all packages to your buyers’ doors. Sometimes it may take around 20 business days but only in peak seasons like holidays, etc, and you’ll be notified beforehand.

    And altogether, faster shipping time means happier customers!

    Besides, don’t worry about the shipping fee. With Aliexpress, you must pay $10 – $40 to have quicker delivery (DHL, FedEx, etc.).

    With ShopBase China, if your customers live in the United State, the shipping fee is totally free. For other regions, ShopBase China will keep the shipping fees as low as possible.

    4. Premium and customized packaging

    nice dropshipping packaging with a thank you note

    Along with the source of high-quality and low-cost products, you can benefit more from ShopBase China’s packaging service to bring the most satisfying experience to your customers.

    Unlike AliExpress which upsets your customers all the time with its tattered and full-of-Chinese-word packages, your customer now can enjoy the moment of receiving your orders when all of them are packed with beautiful and premium boxes.

    You can even increase your own perceived brand value with a customized Thank-You note included inside and have your logo printed on each package. Hence you will gain trust and love from customers easier then multiply your sales quicker.

    5 easy steps to make the most of ShopBase China

    Before reading further, you should get Dropship Connector for FREE now if you still don’t have it for your store.

    Becoming Dropship Connector users is the only way you can connect to ShopBase China and take advantage of what it brings.

    All right, moving to ShopBase China, we bet so far you’ve had the best understanding of what wonders ShopBase China could do for your dropshipping store.

    Now let’s have a quick tour to the process of working with ShopBase China with us. We broke it down into 5 following steps:

    1. Request price quotations

    At first, you can request ShopBase China to offer you the quotations for any products you found in AliExpress or just any trending products in the market.

    Just copy & paste URLs of the products you want to sell on the request box, wait for a maximum of 3 working days and then you will receive the best prices offered. Easy, right?

    request dropshipping products using aliexpress urls

    2. Deal the best prices

    After receiving the quotations, sometimes if it’s needed, you can negotiate the prices and have the sweetest deal with ShopBase China for those products you have requested.

    Just keep in mind that ShopBase China will do whatever it takes to offer you the most reasonable prices, hence a significant increase in your profit margin.

    3. Pre-purchase and stock products

    The next step to do is pre-order those requested products. Note that the more you buy, the lower the prices are.

    After finishing the purchase, your hands are free from there. ShopBase China will work directly with the manufacturers, test and stock what are best, and then manage your inventory in their warehouse for free.

    You can even track and monitor your inventory in real-time

    4. Start selling and have orders auto-fulfilled

    The main point of dropshipping is that you sell the products and let other services handle the rest of the fulfillment process. The same rule applies here.

    When you start having orders with those requested products, you’ll have all of them auto-fulfilled by ShopBase China.

    All you need is to click one click to place multiple orders and wait for the beautiful packages shipped to your customer doors.

    fulfill bulk orders

    5. Restock and sell more

    Since ShopBase China handles all the inventory management for you, you don’t have to worry when your products are about to be sold out.

    Just request ShopBase China to replenish your stock. After a few days, ShopBase China will completely restock your products for you to keep up your sales growth.

    And the last thing to remember that 90% of this process is automated thanks to Dropship Connector, so growing your store is way quicker, easier and more effective than ever.

    Do you dare to take a big leap?

    We don’t write flashy words. So when reading to this end, you may have realized this is a new opportunity for you to make a bulky money bag with dropshipping.

    If you’re currently a Dropship Connector user, then congrats!! Now you can instantly start a new, better way of doing dropshipping business with ShopBase China.

    So start request your first quotations with ShopBase China now!

    And in case you haven’t installed Dropship Connector yet, seriously, what is holding you back from this opportunity?

    Since Dropship Connector is totally free for you to use and connect to ShopBase China, what is left is that if you dare to take a big leap with your dropshipping business.

    We think we’ve heard a big “yes” from you.