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  • Top 20 Print on Demand Products to Sell for 2019

    print on demand products

    When thinking about print on demand products to sell, the first things leaping into our mind are most of the time t-shirts, mugs, and phone cases. But the truth is, there are plenty more profitable products business owners can get their designs printed on.

    In this article, we’ll round up top 20 print on demand products that will be best sellers in 2019. You can use this list as a product inspiration and suggestion, especially if you’re struggling to look for the right products to sell online. You might be surprised to discover some products you haven’t known you could print on demand!

    Now is the time to dive in.

    1. Mouse Pads

    If you’ve ever used your mouse on a semi or fully reflective surface, you know it’s a shaky experience at best. The sensor can’t know what direction the mouse is moving, or the mouse goes where you don’t need it to. In this case, using a mousepad is a good solution.

    Obviously, not everyone uses mousepads, but there are niche groups that do. These groups are computer geeks like gamers and designers who spend a lot of time in front of their screen every day. For them, a mouse pad should be not only dependable but also good looking and personalized.

    print on demand products to sell

    In case you don’t know, keywords like “custom mouse pads” get 21,000 monthly searches (at the time of writing). There are other trending keywords such as “personalized mouse pads” and “design your own mouse pads” which prove that many people are searching for products like this.

    2. Stickers

    Do you know everyone is crazy about custom stickers? If some stickers catch their eyes, people can buy hundreds of them to sign cards, note things in their calendar, decorate their laptops, etc. But stickers aren’t just for fun, they’re also used by companies to label products or act as promotional items. The possibilities of practical uses of stickers are seemingly endless.

    print on demand products to sell

    So, if you have a great sticker idea, just test it out. Providing that your idea brings value to others, like helping them show their love for special places (whether it’s home or a place they love to visit) or get the positive feelings, you have a huge chance to succeed in the sticker business.

    To create stickers that make money, you should take time to find out what people are looking for. Cute stickers are all the rage these days, but animated images of everyday products gain much interest, too. Try your hand at designing these and give your creativity a boost with color, some vintage feel, funny characters, etc. Once shoppers grow a taste for your stickers, they’ll probably buy them.

    3. Journal & Notebooks

    Gone are the days when the old subject notebooks dominated the market. Kids, even adults, now prefer notebooks and journals that include their favorite idols, arts, or quotes on them. They feel inspired to write and study when using such those items. With this in mind, selling print on demand notebooks and journals is a good start.

    print on demand products to sell

    There are many different kinds of journals and notebooks that you can put your design ideas on. These include prayer journals, gratitude journals, spiral notebooks, specialty notebooks, etc. To create beautifully designed journals/notebooks, you can work with tools like Canva, Blurb, or Adobe InDesign.

    4. Neck Pillows

    One of the major reasons why people purchase neck pillows is for the sake of their health; that is, easing pain and improving the realignment of their neck. For those who hunch over their computers and phones all day, neck pillows are actually a problem-solving product.

    print on demand products to sell

    According to the statistics, the neck pillow market is predicted to reach $299m by 2020. Hence, if you plan to sell print on demand products in 2019, don’t forget to put neck pillows on your store. They will sell like hotcakes, for sure.

    5. Underwear

    Some of the most popular print on demand products right now is… underwear, both for men and women.

    It may be a bit more revealing than what you’re used to seeing at your local Calvin Klein. Take a look at this store, and you’ll see there are a wide variety of underwear design styles to choose. Considering how underwear is a must-have undergarment, it’s no wonder that these clothing pieces have been performing so well.

    print on demand products to sell

    Comfort and durability are always what your customers want. Besides, they also wish to have some personalization options with their photos, graphic designs, original artwork, or slogans to update their everyday clothes and add new lines to their fashion label. Pay much attention to these when selling print on demand underwear.

    6. Aprons

    Imagine you give the new bride and groom or your mom for Mother’s Day an apron with a meaningful quote or their photo on it. It would be a great gift to inspire them to cook and have fun in the kitchen. This is where the idea of personalized aprons come from.

    print on demand products to sell

    Aprons with a thing like a name, a picture, or a message printed on it are more eye-catching than traditional ones. More and more customers want to have such those aprons which reflect their personality and lifestyle. With this in mind, print on demand aprons are worth considering when it comes to starting a print on demand business.

    7. Yoga mats

    Each year, Americans spend $16.8b on yoga classes, clothing, and equipment. The market continues to grow, which provides an exciting opportunity for online entrepreneurs. Even if you’ve never practiced yoga, you can sell yoga products like yoga mats.

    print on demand products to sell

    Yoga mats are a versatile product that has a lot of room for creative designs to meet any need. They don’t have just be for “yogis”, but for other types of exercise as well. You can design your own unique clothing using print on demand services to get a business up. Once you have a collection of design ideas, you can start building an online store and attract shoppers.

    8. Backpacks

    Backpacks have existed in the market for a long time, and there’s a stable demand for them. So, if you intend to open an online store to sell backpacks, it’s better to bring something different to your products. That way, shoppers can feel interested in what you’re selling.

    print on demand products to sell

    However, you don’t need to reinvent a backpack. Just make it unique by adding some personalization. For example, you can get your customers’ details printed on the pack or tattoo your own design. Do everything which has the potential to drive sales.

    9. Tank tops

    Tank tops are also a versatile product, which can be used for gym workouts, long runs, and yoga sessions. They are a good print on demand product idea.

    print on demand products to sell

    If you’re already selling T-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts, you should stock tanks top as well with the same designs! This will give your customers more choices to shop on your online store. More importantly, you don’t have to buy any additional inventory upfront, meaning no extra cost to you.

    10. Leggings

    Today leggings are so popular for women, teens, and girls! There is even the growth of men’s legging this year, according to Jordan Barnett, founder of Kapow Megging. But it isn’t just about wearing “simple” leggings that were fashionable in the 1980s. Today’s leggings are unique, creative, and fun (at least, in some ways). This is especially true for DIY fans, who love customizing their leggings.

    print on demand products to sell

    Once you decide to sell print on demand leggings, you can start the design process. There are many custom legging print ideas at your disposal. For example, you can create your own legging collections inspired by pictures, patterns, or animals. Try anything to bring your creativity to life.

    11. Bodysuits

    When it comes to trendy clothes for women, bodysuits are one of them. From celebrities to bloggers, bodysuits have rightfully claimed their place in the fashion world as “treasure troves of style”. It can’t help but say that this type of clothing is the way of the future.

    print on demand products to sell

    Bodysuits can be worn in both casual and formal contexts. There’s a lot of versatility in this apparel item. Therefore, if you’re looking for a simple core product you can decorate with custom designs, this could be a good option for you.

    12. Baby clothing

    With babies growing in size rapidly over the spans of months, parents are constantly upgrading their newborn’s outfits throughout their first few years. They’re willing to pay more for unique and quality clothes for their kids.

    print on demand products to sell

    On your online store, consider creating a collection of baby clothes and accessories, from bibs, onesies, tops, blankets, jumpsuits, dresses, and more. Ensure you have design ideas which make your brand stand out from the crowd.

    13. Bucket hats

    Bucket hats are the hat of choice for stadium sports fans, golfers, and hobbyists alike. They are ideal for all-weather use and usually come in a one-size-fits-all.

    print on demand products to sell

    If you are thinking about selling a type of print on demand hats, bucket hats are undoubtedly a good product. Allow your customers to print their name, slogan or picture, and you’ll get more sales shortly.

    14. Drawstring bags

    Drawstring bags are an ideal choice for everyone who enjoys outdoor activities with others or loves an active lifestyle. They can hold multiple items from kids’ blocks, books, pens, crayons, gym clothes, etc. So, most teenagers, busy moms, and travelers usually have (at least) one. Drawstring bags are often made from a synthetic material, so they’re quite easy to print on than ones created from other materials.

    print on demand products to sell

    By adding a crafty design or inspirational text on a drawstring bag, you can make your product more valuable for targeted shoppers. In fact, millennials who love themed merchandise are willing to pay the extra dollar for it if it shows off them in a way that generic items can’t.

    15. Scarves

    Scarves are a widely-used fashion accessory that there’s always going to be demand for. So, you don’t have to worry about customers not being interested in your product. All you need to do is make sure your design for scarves are unique and gorgeous enough to attract shoppers’ attention.

    print on demand products to sell

    16. Bandanas

    Bandanas come in a rainbow of colors and can be used to make a variety of things from home decor to fashion. For example, you can use bandanas to make bowl covers, pillow covers, simple wreaths, tablecloths, or tote bags.

    print on demand products to sell

    If you’re including bandanas in your eCommerce store, consider the types of designs you’ll get printed onto to make them appealing to your target market.

    17. Puzzles

    Puzzles are said to be a less-conventional print-on-demand product, but you, as an eCommerce merchant, can certainly have a lot of fun with this product idea. To make a personalized puzzle, you can use photos or add text.

    print on demand products to sell

    If you choose to sell custom puzzles, think about the type of niche you’ll target with the designs. Will you be targeting kids or adults or maybe even specific interests like food or travel? The designs are what make the product in this case. They’ll be what sets you apart from other puzzle retailers on the market.

    18. Pinback buttons

    Pinback buttons are in the spotlight in recent years, especially within a music community and for customers interested in joining social or environmental campaigns.

    print on demand products to sell

    What makes them desirable is the slogan printed on them. Therefore, remember to focus on the message that your shoppers want to align themselves with if you choose to pursue this product idea.

    19. Magnets

    From the ABCs, numbers to the adorable animals and fruits that kids could learn to spell with, anywhere you went you saw kitchen magnets. Perhaps, everyone had them back in the day.

    print on demand products to sell

    Magnets are often used to decorate fridges and kitchens. They are an easy-to-sell product. Since they will likely be sold at a low price point, you should offer mix-and-match bundles which your customers can build. This is a great way to increase the average order value of your store.

    20. Shower curtains

    People love to beautify their house, from living room, kitchen to bathroom. Regarding the bathroom, using shower curtains is one of the common ways to find more space and make it look larger.

    print on demand products to sell

    There’s a steady demand for shower curtains. So, you have a high chance to win in this market. Be sure to apply the same designs for shower curtains as you do with other homeware items from this list.

    Over to you

    There you have it: Top 20 trending print on demand products to sell this year. Do we miss out anything? What other products would you like to print on and offer to others? Share with us in the comment box below.