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  • Top 11 Successful Shopify Dropshipping Stores for Inspiration

    dropshipping stores

    Dropshipping is an extremely attractive eCommerce model because it serves as a convenient alternative to traditional business models — it has lower upfront costs and lesser risks to undertake like setting up a warehouse. All you need is to plug in your computer and have a strong internet connection.

    Whether you’re still considering to dropship or ready to build your own store, it’s essential to see how other successful Shopify dropshipping stores are doing and take inspiration from them. Get the latest trends in design and technology so you can easily adapt when you’re about to start. You’ll also get some insights on their marketing and promotional strategies to better amp up your game.

    Scroll down to our carefully curated 11 Shopify dropshipping stores and take note of how they provide an exceptional and seamless shopping experience while optimizing their sites to boost their conversion.

    1. BlueCrate

    Fairly new to the business, BlueCrate has already amassed more than 14,000 followers on Facebook alone and catered to over 50,000 customers. It’s one of the general Shopify dropshipping stores, selling kitchenware, accessories up to clothing products.

    But, it has found a niche in becoming“one-of-a-kind adult toy store”, not what you’re thinking of. Its primary intent is to bring humor and fun to everyday items. You’ll see novelty items, such as self-stirring mugs, beer pong hats, and color-changing umbrellas.

    Shopify dropshipping stores

    What’s incredible is how it effectively displays product images while at the same time staying true to its brand — you’ll see funny and quirky images of the products. For some products, they even have GIFs to showcase them. Look at this desktop punching bag, for instance:

    Source:  GIPHY

    Aside from how this Shopify dropshipping store utilizes humor to sell, it also takes advantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make sure their visitors have an exceptional shopping experience. For example, you will see all your recently viewed items at the homepage so you’ll have the easy access to go back to items you’ve shown interest:

    Shopify dropshipping stores

    2. Beauty Charcoal

    Based in Los Angeles, California, Beauty Charcoal is all about charcoal. This is one of the top-rated Shopify dropshipping stores offering activated charcoal products. Shipping worldwide, it only has two product lines: dental care and skin care.

    Shopify dropshipping stores

    Because of its limited product lines, it allows the owners to put an emphasis on marketing their products. As of today, it has more than 196,000 followers on Instagram and more than 79,000 followers on Facebook. This social media popularity is due to its influencer marketing strategy. It has collaborated with several Instagram influencers and still continues to search for brand ambassadors to grow and scale its dropshipping business.

    Shopify dropshipping stores

    Apart from partnering with influencers, it also encourages user-generated contents (UGC). The principle of UGC is simple: customers post something (testimonials, reviews, videos, pictures, etc.) about your product or store online. All of the UGCs for Beauty Charcoal is uploaded and showcased in its Testimonials page.

    This helps motivate potential customers into conversion because they see that other customers put an effort just to write their feedback or share their story regarding the product.

    Shopify dropshipping stores

    3. Myth of Eastern

    Myth of Eastern is a niche accessories store that gives you plenty of design and functional strategies to draw inspiration from. This Shopify dropshipping store has fused eastern and western cultures into one aesthetically minimalist site.

    But, what caught our attention is how the product descriptions are written. It has produced unique and customized product descriptions to match the profile of the product’s target market. For example, this Forever Young bracelet is targeted at a younger demographic so the product description is written to capture the lifestyle of a young audience.

    Shopify dropshipping stores

    This Shopify dropshipping store is also packed with marketing essentials that you should steal right away. For new visitors, an entrance popup offer is immediately displayed to catch their attention. This is a clever marketing strategy to gravitate your visitors towards your existing promotions. Aside from that, you can use this tactic as a lead magnet to encourage visitors to subscribe to your newsletters.

    Shopify dropshipping stores

    The myth of Eastern has amped up its entrance popup by gamifying its offers. This gamified popup from SiteKit is an ingenious strategy to engage visitors into a fun spin-to-win game for a coupon code reward.

    The product page is also highly optimized by leveraging scarcity marketing tactics. For instance, a captivating ‘Hurry! Only 2 left in stock’ headline is shown at the bottom of the product description together with a countdown timer to drive shoppers into an immediate purchase.

    Shopify dropshipping stores

    You can intensify your urgency and scarcity marketing by using the Stock Countdown feature of the Boost Convert app to show the number of stocks left for a specific product.

    4. Ola.pet

    If you are looking for Shopify dropshipping stores specifically designed for pets, then Ola.pet is the right one to get inspiration from. It has a vast collection of carefully curated products for pets — you can choose from beds, costumes, grooming essentials, toys, and more.

    Its website is sleek, fast, and modern, eliminating too much clutter in its navigation and design. But more than that, it doesn’t shy away from creating a highly converting website. The moment you land on its site, you will already notice a promotional header bar sitting on top of the homepage.

    Shopify dropshipping stores

    This promotional header bar from Ola.pet effectively markets its sales and discounts without disrupting the visitors’ shopping experience.

    Another sales and marketing strategy to consider is product bundling. It uses product bundling as a pricing strategy to get more shoppers to get more products. When they shop for more products at once, your average order value also increases.

    Shopify dropshipping stores

    Ola.pet successfully offers mix and match bundles of different items to encourage shoppers to buy more. This bundling strategy can be conveniently implemented using the Boost Sales app to bundle up products that go well together.

    5. Appolowear

    One of the most standout Shopify dropshipping stores for men’s clothing is Appolowear. Its straightforward and uncluttered website makes visitors focused on the products and not get distracted easily.

    What we love about this store is how you can immediately see products that are on sale right at its homepage. This saves a lot of time and effort for customers who are looking to get extra savings when shopping. Thus, speeding up the path to purchase.

    Shopify dropshipping stores

    But, the best practice that you can steal from this Shopify dropshipping store is how it effectively utilizes social proof. The theory of social proof describes that shoppers constantly seek other people’s reviews and suggestions before purchasing something. Ultimately, potential buyers want to know if a product is worth the purchase.

    Shopify dropshipping stores

    Appolowear displays a recent sales notification at the bottom of its page as a demonstration of social proof. The flexible platform, Sales Pop, allows you to automatically sync your online store’s data to let you display recent sales of your popular items. This will help undecided buyers to buy from your store with trust and confidence.

    6. EVO Timepieces

    With a ton of more than 100,000 followers on Facebook, EVO Timepieces is one of the most popular handcrafted watch and jewelry makers. Customer service is one of its top priorities. It has pre-sale support which enables unsure buyers to reach out to its customer service and ask questions or seek recommendations about the most suitable products for them.

    However, what grabs our attention is how it’s only one of the few Shopify dropshipping stores that practice purpose marketing. There’s a wide array of purpose marketing strategies but what EVO does is to pair up every sale to a charitable donation. It’s a good way to uplift your community while building a positive brand reputation.

    Shopify dropshipping stores

    Another strategy that we like about this Shopify dropshipping store is how reviews are being displayed at the bottom of the product page. What’s interesting is the actual photos of the products are being showcased. This gives more authenticity and credibility to the reviews.

    Shopify dropshipping stores

    7. Que

    Initially launched on Kickstarter in 2016 with over 13,000 passionate supporters, Que is now one of the most widely recognized Shopify dropshipping stores that you can get motivation from. It is a one product type store offering compact, lightweight, and stylish water bottles.

    But more than the unique and creative product, its website is one of the best-looking ones. Just like its products, the website is stylish, modern, and vibrant. The product page is uncomplicated. You can see the features to be pretty much straightforward so you know what exactly you’re getting.

    Shopify dropshipping stores

    It also has a good practice of social media marketing by providing a ‘Shop our Instagram’ section on its homepage. This allows them to intensify their social media presence, grow their followers, and reach new audiences.

    Shopify dropshipping stores

    The most interesting about this Shopify dropshipping store is its practice of launching limited edition products while at the same time tying it up to a charitable donation campaign. For example, its limited edition Polar Ice bottle is paired up with a donation to the Ocean Foundation to help researchers combat climate change for Polar Wildlife.

    Shopify dropshipping stores

    This limited edition campaign produced only 500 products but all were sold out. It was able to raise $2500 for donation.

    8. Project Yourself

    A niche accessories store, Project Yourself offers a wide array of gems, crystals, and jewelry that will help people to meditate and connect with their spiritual side. It also branched out to clothing products but the styles and designs are still within its niche.

    Its website is incredibly fast and responsive to any kind of device. A standout feature of the website is convenient access to a chat service.  A real-time communication channel will help you personalize the customer experience, interact with your visitors, and help them with their queries.

    Shopify dropshipping stores

    You can employ you live chat using the Facebook Chat that will help you seamlessly integrate your Shopify dropshipping store and Messenger. This creates a more personal approach to your communication because customers can use their personal Messenger accounts to reach out to you.

    Aside from customer service, this store is also effective in its upselling and cross-selling techniques. For example, it entices shoppers to buy products in bulk order with a price discount and also encourages them to add more items with its ‘Frequently Bought Together’ section, promoting complementary add-on items.

    Shopify dropshipping stores

    9. FlexPosture

    FlexPosture is a niche store selling corrective therapy braces. We’ve included it to our list of Shopify dropshipping stores for inspiration because of how it maximizes its website to market and convert visitors while staying fairly uncomplicated and functional. For example, its homepage is very simple but already managed to build authenticity with its testimonials, establish social media presence with its Instagram UGC, and provide customer service with its Facebook Chat.

    Shopify dropshipping stores

    But what caught our attention is the sticky add-to-cart section that stays afloat at the product page while visitors are scrolling up and down. This will allow shoppers to conveniently click the add-to-cart button.

    Shopify dropshipping stores

    There is also a ‘Write a review’ button embedded in the product page so customers can easily leave their feedback regarding the product they bought. This automatically adds social proof to the product.

    Shopify dropshipping stores

    10. Pologize

    An apparel and accessories store for men, Pologize is one of the Shopify dropshipping stores that combine functionality and form in perfect unison. The site isn’t just fun to look at but it also carries some features that will help you optimize your Shopify store into a highly converting site.

    The most striking feature of this site is the sticky add-to-cart button at the bottom of the product page. It also has a sticky cart and review icons so shoppers can easily view their carts and see what previous customers are telling about the product.

    Shopify dropshipping stores

    Plus, with the power of data-driven marketing, it also makes sure that it takes advantage of personalized recommendations to provide its shoppers with items that might interest them based on the current product they are looking at.

    Shopify dropshipping stores

    11. HiSmile

    Established in 2014, HiSmile has gone a long way as a teeth whitening online store. Today, it expands to more dental care products like toothpaste and mouthwash. We included this to our list of Shopify dropshipping stores because it highlights its customers at the center.

    You will see that the website’s primary goal is to help its visitors with their dental concerns. For example, it has a hub of guides and video demos to help its customers get started. It also distributes blog posts that tackle dental hygiene, reviews, and DIY inspirations.

    Shopify dropshipping stores

    Aside from leaving reviews, you can also leave queries with its dedicated ‘Ask a question’ section at the end of the product page.

    Shopify dropshipping stores

    Get Inspired

    The flexibility to build an online store without worrying about where to stock and how to ship products pushed the popularity of dropshipping to skyrocket over the past years.

    If you are serious about creating your own store or growing your existing dropshipping business, getting inspired by our top 11 successful Shopify dropshipping stores will get you the best tips and tricks to improve your design, amp up your user experience, and optimize your store into a highly converting dropshipping business.