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  • Top Upsell Apps to Boost Sales for Your Shopify Stores (Both Free and Paid)

    upsell apps

    About 800,000 merchants using Shopify to run their online stores. Most of them have the same goal: to increase their average order value (AOV) and number of orders.

    To achieve this goal, Shopify store owners often take the following:

    Step 1: Go to the Shopify Appstore and search for ‘upsell’.

    Step 1: Browse the results, look at the reviews, and then pick up an app that looks ‘good’.

    Sound familiar?

    But, there is a problem with that approach: If you keep doing like that, you may end up installing an app which doesn’t work. 

    Paralysis by analysis. A lot of people have been there.

    It’s not ALWAYS easy to filter through hundreds of apps to choose which will best suit your business. 

    So to help, we’ll round up 7 best upsell apps that can increase AOV for your Shopify store in this post. 

    Ready to jump in?

    1. Boost Upsell

    Price: From $20/month (7-day free trial). 

    Boost Upsell is one of those upsell apps we’ll wish you discovered sooner!

    This app supports three powerful features: Add-to-Cart Upsell, Last-step Upsell, and Smart Upsell. They, together, will help you make use of upselling to drive sales like crazy. 

    Here is how each of these features works:

    #1 Add-to-Cart Upsell: When customers add an item to their carts, a popup will show to offer them better (or more expensive) products.  

    upsell apps

    #2 Last-step Upsell: Use this upsell type to offer customers more items when they click the Checkout button in the cart page. You can even add discounts to entice them.

    upsell apps

    #3 Smart Upsell: The Boost Upsell app collects your customers’ buying history and behaviors, then analyzes them to show smart upsells. Specifically, this feature automatically suggests personalized upsell products to customers whenever they add an item to their cart. What’s better is that you can set rules to make the Smart Upsell feature ‘smarter’. 

    upsell apps

    The longer you use Boost Upsell, the more relevant the recommendations are.

    Click to install Boost Upsell once you’re inside. 

    2. Personalized Recommendation

    Price: $19/month (7-day free trial).

    Personalized Recommendation is one of the best Shopify apps that you must have. 

    Many successful Shopify stores have used it to get:

    Here’s an example of what a personalized upsell looks like (you select products to display, and then they’ll show up after someone clicks the Add to Cart button).

    upsell apps

    Besides that, Personalized Recommendation supports other smart recommendations (also widgets), namely Bought this also bought, Handpicked products by you, Cart recommendation, Smart Upsell Popup, and Best sellers of the store. You can choose any of them to edit and set to display on your store. 

    upsell apps

    Think about Personalized Recommendation like your virtual salesman. ‘He’ will learn what your customers need and suggest the right products accordingly that they can’t resist buying. Grab it today and watch your sales increase fast. 

    3. Discount Pricing

    Price: From $19.99/month (7-day free trial). 

    Want to offer discounts when customers buy in bulk? Look no further than Discount Pricing

    This app allows you to upsell the same items which customers already add to their cart. In other words, you set up different discount tiers to push customers to buy multiples of an item.  

    For example, customers who buy 2 or more of a backpack will get a 5% discount. If they buy more than 6 items of this product, the discount will be 10% off. 

    upsell apps

    The app even shows an offer on the cart page. In this case, customers are motivated to buy 6 items to get a higher discount, from 5% to 10%. 

    upsell apps

    Discount Pricing is fully optimized on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. You can get it here

    4. Reconvert

    Price: Free – From $4.99/month (30-day free trial).

    When shopping online, you usually see an upsell or cross-sell offer pop up when you add an item to the cart or in the cart page. These are great and have always done the trick when trying to increase online sales.

    But what if you’re able to upsell products to your customers even after they complete the checkout?

    The Reconvert app can help you do this. 

    The app provides you a bunch of sections to choose from to show on a thank you page:

    upsell apps

    And, you’re free to customize your upsell recommendation: 

    upsell apps

    You have nothing to lose by offering additional products after checkout. So, why not give Reconvert a try?

    5. Zipify’s One Click Upsell

    Price: $47/month (monthly plan) or $33/month (annual plan). 

    Like Reconvert, Zipify’s OneClickUpsell is a Shopify app that allows you to show product upsells after customers complete their checkout. 

    The app has an easy-to-use drag and drop editor, which makes it easy for you to create customizable upsell and cross-sell funnels you want. 

    upsell apps

    Source: Voymedia

    However, Zipify One Click Upsell doesn’t offer as many features as other upsell apps and doesn’t support a free trial. But it’s good enough to try yourself out. 

    6. Recart

    Price: $29/month (28-day free trial). 

    Messenger now has over 1.3 billion monthly users (yep, BILLION). So, no matter who you’re selling to, they can be already on Messenger.

    Also, Facebook Messenger marketing campaigns have been bringing incredible results:

    • Neil Patel saw 88% open rates and 56% click rates. 
    • HubSpot saw open rates of over 80% and 13% click rates.  

    If you want to get the same results as these big companies did, you should try Recart

    This is a neat app that you set up once, and after that, it’ll help reduce your cart abandonments forever. 

    To get started, you can use the app to retarget bought customers and give them sweet prices to buy more from you. 

    upsell apps

    7. Mailbot

    Price: From $29/month (15-day free trial). 

    Many eCommerce store owners focus on showing upsell recommendations on their store. It’s easy to forget that email marketing is another good way to do upselling, too – maybe even much better in some cases. 

    That’s why it’s time for you to think about upselling products with email marketing. To do this, you can use the Mailbot app. 

    Mailbot is an email automation app which lets you create many types of email campaigns such as Win-back Email, Reward Coupon, and Buy Again. All you need to do is to select an email campaign, edit it as you want, and you’re ready to go. 

    upsell apps

    This app gives you a dashboard where you can see the numbers of emails sent, delivered, opened, clicked, and other metrics.   

    upsell apps

    Now go out and upsell!!

    Product upselling is one of the easiest and quickest ways to increase AOV and raise your sales revenue. 

    Grab one of the upsell apps we recommended above and go try it right now. Good luck!